Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Caroline Grey goes to Amsterdam

Everyone please stand and give a hearty cheer - it's time for yet another quick picture post from the delightful Dutch Spanker, Mike, and Spanked in Uniform.

This time we feature the stunning Ms Caroline Grey, an American lady who currently lives in Ireland, and finds time to pop up getting soundly spanked on lots of UK websites.

As you may recall I have recently posted lots of pictures of Caroline slippering Amelia, from a brilliant Dreams of Spanking film, and she looks just as lovely in all of these pictures too.

So sit, back, relax, take a swig of tea and enjoy the adventures of Caroline in Holland.

A pensive Caroline in "not yet spanked" mode

Cap'n Mike spanks and Caroline looks gorgeous in snug slacks

Caroline's bottom with less clothing

And with even less (a healthy red glow, while appealing, does not count as clothing, trust me)

Love this picture with a well spanked glow breaking like dawn over the gentle hills of Caroline's bottom
Yes, yes, we get it - Mike's hand is hard!
Caroline looking lovely as a naughty nurse


A well-smacked school girl bottom

So, I guess that makes this a being smacked school girl bottom

And it never hurts at add a dose of the slipper (well, yes, it hurts the bottom)
Isn't this where I usually remind you that Mike's hand is hard?

And now on to our results show!

I hope that you enjoyed those pictures of Caroline and her bottom as much as I enjoyed compiling them. She really does seem to be a lovely girl, and to hear her bratting when she knows she is about to be spanked is outstanding.

Don't be satisfied with the stills; rush across to Spanked in Uniform and check out the films themselves.

All the best


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