Saturday, 8 November 2014

Government Health Warning - Spanking can damage your bottom. Adults only. Use in moderation only.

Whew! That's a pretty dire warning isn't it? I hope that you are all duly chastened.

Of course, if spankings don't damage your bottom (unless, of course, you are purely a top) someone isn't doing something properly. It's all the spanker's fault.

I may have mentioned (ahem) that I like looking at videos of ladies rubbing their sore and well spanked bottoms. I don't like to talk about it, but perhaps it inadvertently slipped out one sozzled night in the pub.

And you, you little devil! You're so quick to pick up on these things. No, don't shake your head. You know you are. You spotted it the minute the thought danced delicately from my drunken lips.

Go on then. You may as well tell everyone. Oh, shall I?

Or better yet, why don't I offer up a few pictures to show exactly what I like to see? Decent plan, you think? Yeah, me too.

And so:-

The lovely Trini 

The lovely Veronica

The lovely Lisa

The lovely Miss Strictland

The lovely Veronica again. So red I used her twice
The lovely Kami

The lovely Kim

The lovely Christy

The lovely Michelle

The lovely Danielle

The lovely Denise

The lovely Riley

The lovely Lucy

The lovely Lilly (and the lovely Veronica once more)

Lilly again (well, she is lovely)

The lovely Vicki

I honestly have no clue (unless it's Veronica)

The lovely Vicki in very nice shorts

The lovely Amy

The lovely Amy again - love this pose

And that, me bunch of pervy spank-followers, is that, for another blog post. Surely that's enough bottoms for anyone?

Oh, whom am I kidding? None of us can ever have enough bottoms, can we?

All the best


Pictures taken from Spanking Sorority Girls and The Lazy Maid

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