Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Leia-Ann Woods goes to Holland

Oh come on, you knew this one would be along soon! How could I possibly do a series based around my favourite smacked bottoms without including one featuring the divine Ms Woods.

So this is "Tim is a lazy, lazy bastard" post no. 5; I actually have another half dozen or so of these, although the last couple feature ladies I like but wouldn't consider real favourites.

Still, they are well known in Spanking Land, and so they too deserve to be shown, spanked and gurning, across the knee of the Mighty Mike.

And so to the pictures. oh, and poorly conceived attempted witticisms or, as we're talking crap, colour commentary (if you're reading this in England just consider them the CP equivalent of the predictable and annoying bollocks spouted by Andy Townsend or Michael Owen during football matches on tv).

Leia sitting comfortably and oh, so attractively. The sitting bit will soon be rather less pleasant.

Ah yes, this is what we've come to see,
Beautiful Leia over a Dutchman's knee.
(The spirit of Rudyard Kipling lives. Although it's a bit fed up at this piece of, um, verse).

Pink bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go 'round (with due apologies to Queen).

As if you needed it, more proof that Mike had a hard hand

Well, what we've always suspected - Leia's bottom is just too much for any one spanker!

The perfect trio; Leia's bottom, Mike's hand and some sheer black knickers.

I realise that this isn't the clearest picture but this is Mike using a hairbrush on a copper's bottom

I love Leia's expression here. Then again, it's on Leia's face, so I might be a little biased

Unusual; an over the knee caning. Leia's bottom if as gorgeous as ever.

While you're salivating over these pictures you might like to check out Bottom's Up, Leia's spanking part site; it is one of my ambitions to attend one of these some day. There are some lovely pictures, including a set of Ms W as a spectacularly ravishing Audrey Hepburn.

Well, that's another post done; I might have to go and have a snooze to recover from all of the excitement!

All the best


Ah, I should just point out that these are all my screen grabs from the much clearer and cleaner films Mike has posted at Spanked in Uniform

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