Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Read all about it! Spanking on shorts sensation!

By 'eck that was an exciting title, wasn't it? I bet you're all of a ferment, fascinated to see what could possibly follow that tremendous build up.

Oh come on, you can trust me. I'm your on line never to be seen in person friend (for most of you at least) - I wouldn't lead you astray. Or disappoint your spanking fervor.

So what gems are about to dribble out of my battered and abused keyboard (actually that pretty much applies to my body as well)? How could I ever live up to your massive and monolithic expectations? 

Surely depression lurks like a vicious ugly mugger, just around the corner?

Not a bit of it, old thing. I have just the ticket right here in my pocket. Well, metaphorically speaking.

Anyway, here we go. I have pictures!

I think that deserves repeating: pictures!

A bit louder I think.


Oh dear. I hope that didn't shatter your windows. Or blow the cobwebs from out of your drawers.

Go on then. Take a look at these beauties.

Riley gets spanked; she seems to wear shorts a lot.

Dunno who this is but you've got to love those shorts (complete with tail)

Veronica Ricci spanks Kat St James

Kat returns the favour

The ever stunning Amelia Jane Rutherford
Oh look, another one
And just like buses they come in threes. 

Riley strikes again. Well, struck again anyway
Same old Riley, just in different shorts. Same result as well.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, here's Riley!

I believe that's Veronica over Sarah Gregory's knee

Veronica again, spanked by a rather Satanic-looking nun
Gotta love these shorts that Mike provides
And here we have Julie, I believe
A particularly lovely bottom

And to finish, Miss Vicki Carter from The Lazy Maid

Well, time for you lot to be off. Haven't you got beds to go to? Get a few zzzzs in before another day of rampant kinkiness? 

Go on. Get orf my blog!

All the best


Pictures taken from Spanking Sorority Girls, Spanked in Uniform and The Lazy Maid

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