Monday, 3 November 2014

The magnificently marvelous Ms Molly Malone

Captivating and terrifying
A while ago I was a little bit concerned that, while our four spanking superstars continued to appear all over the Spanking Universe, there didn't seem to be a lot in the way of new models appearing that boasted the same charisma.

Well, this is, in my opinion (not humble, damnit!) is no longer the case. The reason? Step forward Ms Molly Malone.

You can find out much more about Molly at her very entertaining website, Naughty Molly Malone, and believe me, it's a label that she lives up to.

A few details though; she is a rather statuesque young lady, who has been involved in the Spanking World since early 2011. She practices 1 2 1 sessions as a switch (and is unfortunately based in London and Woking - I really must venture south for a couple of sessions one of these days), and has appeared in videos for Spanking Sarah, AAA Spanking, Northern Spanking and, most prominently, Dreams of Spanking.
Nimue spanks

She has lots of things going for her, including a delightful figure, a very spankable bottom and, so far as her videos can suggest, a very open approachable and friendly personality. She can also act a bit, and looks wonderful both when spanking and when getting spanked.

With the cooperation of the adorable Ms Blake I am pleased to present a number of piccies of Molly, taken from various shoots for the Dreams of Spanking site.

Please sit back, loosen your trousers (and there's a terribly sexist assumption) and enjoy the following:-

Nimue canes

And then there's this:-

Over Pandora's knee (I can't decide who it is I'm most jealous of!)
Y'know, I think it's probably Pandora in this instance

Of course, the tables are built so that they can be turned.

Still, nice to see a naughty young lady being put in her place, with knickers about to be lowered.

Proof that Molly really is a strapping girl:-

Molly spanks men too, y'know.

But you can't beat Pandora (oh, go on, you know what I mean)

You can't blame her, but she really does seem to like spanking Pandora

As I said.

Mind you, I suspect the feeling may be mutual

This might be my personal favourite; being spanked by a nurse is one of my favourite unfulfilled fantasies, and being spanked by a nurse who looks like Molly....whew.

Hmm. Schoolgirl, slipper, bare bottom. Spanko Heaven.

Molly looking frighteningly severe. Gulp.

It's not all sticky buns and ice cream being a spanking superstar. Some of these canings actually hurt!

Well. I'm quite exhausted by that lot, and there are loads more to be found at all of the sites that I mentioned above.

Molly is one to look out for.

All the best


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