Thursday, 13 November 2014

Fae Corbin goes to Holland

Before we begin, I'd just like to thank all of the lurkers who visited my blog over the last couple of days, whether they left comments or not. It was lovely to see so many of you here, both old friends and, hopefully, new readers.

It'd be nice if a few more people filled out the poll; so far we have one voter who seems to want more of everything! I blog most days; for more I'd need to male this a full time occupation. I'm happy to, if some one pays me but otherwise....

Anyway, back to the normal swing of things, which of course means its time for another lazy post. See, my personality just shines through!

This time we feature the delightful Fae Corbin, a fetish model based in Derbyshire, who also undertakes 1 to 1 sessions. I love it when ladies I've seen spanked on film can also be spanked in person.

Fae doesn't have a website but for a little more information about her, please visit her Spankeefinder page, which is here.

I've exchanged emails with Fae on a couple of occasions, and she seems lovely. She's high on my list of ladies to visit once my health allows me to do that again.

Oh, and she's also a regular at the Central Spanking Parties; their site is worth a look too.

Enough frivolities! Onto the serious business of this post; some hot spanky pictures of a lovely spanky lady. All, as usual, from Spanked in Uniform and Real Life Spankings.

Mike spanks Fae - of course he does!

Hey look, Fae can spank too

Obvious caption of the day - Fae has a lovely bottom

She also does very nice "Ow. Mike has a hard hand" faces too.

Red and redder

She looks so sorry for herself

The full over the knee experience

Enthusiastic spanking.

Ah, about time. There's that bottom again

No clever caption needed (I know, the captions really haven't been very clever anyway - it's early and I'm tired)

I love this shot

Mike doesn't only use his hand!

Delicious bottom in tights - it'd always be on my menu anyway

One final picture - after the spanking

Well, that was a rather pleasant way to spend a couple of minutes, wasn't it? 

Anyway, I'm a bit weary and stuff so I'm back off to bed now. Have a good day everyone.

All the best


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