Saturday, 15 November 2014

A new favourite - the spanktacular Kiki Devine

Dear Lord, the names some of our spanking ladies call themselves! Although, in this case, while I'm not sure where Kiki comes from, this lady certainly is divine.

Except when she's Trinity Lane. 

See, I bet I've confused you already. Generally she's Kiki, but, for some reason, in Institute of Discipline related films she's called Trini.

A spankee by any other name would spank as sweet; oh go on, it's almost a requirement for an English writer to bastardise Shakespeare at some point. Anyway, my point it, buried here beneath the layers of linguistic meanderings, that Kiki is stunning whatever you call her.

First a little background; very little, to be honest. Kiki is 27, was first spanked when she was 25 (in a video for English Spankers), and she's from Manchester. She stands 5 feet 4 inches tall, has brown eyes and hair, and is a Libra.

Why do I like her so much? Well, she's extremely easy to look at, but primarily it's for her bubbly, excitable and fun personality. Her first video for English Spankers was an audition tape; in it she talks about her limited spanking experience, and she is adorable.

In the film she takes a very firm hand spanking and a paddling. Her bottom becomes incredibly red, and she appears to feel the punishment quite acutely. After it she certainly seems to struggle to sit, but she is beaming throughout.

In later videos she takes a variety of straps and the cane, and then dives into role play as a naughty school girl and nurse. Her acting is decent, and she is a real pleasure to see being spanked.

In her audition interview she said that she was intrigued by the thought of getting her own back, and doing some spanking. To fulfill this ambition she filmed with Yes Ma'am, one of the IoD sites, and got in some practice spanking men.

She makes a quite awesomely fearsome spanker, despite her size. I'd love to go over her knee!

She also got some practice being on the end of a number of spankings and suchlike, for a couple of their sister sites.

The photos sprinkled liberally around are from her films at English Spankers, Yes Ma'am, The Lazy Maid and the Institute of Discipline; sadly, while you'll see how lovely she looks you won't feel the full force of her personality unless the join the sites and download her films.

Well, you could also go to Spanking Tube for just a short excerpt of a couple of them!

Whenever I post one of these entries that revolve around one particular model I try to email them to bring it to their attention; this is partly as a courtesy, and partly in order to make contact with them, usually with a view to adding another to the list of spanked ladies that I have interviewed. I have three of these interviews in various stages at the moment.

Sadly I've been unable to find any contact details for Kiki. A couple of possible sources seem to have been deleted.

So, if any of my loyal and lovely readers (well, you never know - flattery works sometimes) knows how to get in touch with her, I'd really be grateful if you'd let me know. 

And now I'll leave you with just a few more pictures of the delightful Ms Devine, in her various roles as spanker and spankee. She really seems to be lovely, and you should definitely seek out her films if you can.

All the best


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  1. The girls in your story have regulation knicks on as ordered.