Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Website Review - Triple A Spanking (or is that AAA Spanking?)

Well, it's been a little while, but here I am, back with a brand new paysite review (and, believe it or not, there will be another one next week!)

A little background information; Triple A Spanking is a UK based site, run by the irrepressible John "The Chief" Osborne. It has been up for approaching two years, and currently has (I think) 75 high quality films available for download.

Membership is available as either recurring, for US$24.95 (£16.74) for the first month, and then US$ 19.95 (£13.38) thereafter, or on a period basis. This starts at US$26.95 (£18.08) for 1 month, reducing quite sharply, for periods of 3 or 6 months, to a best value 12 months for US$99.95 (£67.05).

To log on a user name and password is require, together with a secret word provided each time you log in. These are short words, and provided in an unobstructed manner (not like the horrible Google passwords).

Logging in takes you to the members area home page, and from here you can select where you go next. There are 4 categories of videos presented; domestic discipline, schoolgirl punishments, girl/girl spanking and auditions & first timers.

In addition there are two sets of still galleries; captures from the site's films and additional photo sets & photo stories.

There is also a section described as the Special Bonus Area, which houses a handful of videos from sister sites.

One of my favourite features is the Actors and models bio section; each model is briefly introduced, in very chatty terms, and a list of their work on the site is provided, along with a link to the appropriate page to download the video or stills.

The site uses a good variety of models, including most of the top UK spanking stars; there are clips featuring, for example, Pandora, Leia, Wynter, Kami Robertson, Danielle Hunt and Jean Bradley. There are also a number of lesser known, and in some cases, brand new models.

Several films also feature US superstar Sarah Gregory.

John himself is the chief (see what I did there, eh?) male spanker on the sire, although there is good work from several others, including the massively experienced Paul Kennedy.

I would say that the site has about 85% M/F spankings, with the other 15% carried out by a number of the spanking models on other girls.

The videos themselves comprise a reasonable amount of set up for the spankings (someone does appear to have a thing about dragging girls out of bed to spank them!) and the subject matter is quite varied. There are several quite unexpected ones; my particular favourite is "Revenge of the Geek", in which Kami gets spanked for selling her boyfriend's SF DVDs.

The videos are provided in two formats; WMV and higher quality MP4. The WMV videos are extremely clear and the image quality is very impressive. The MP4 clips manage to improve on these.

The file sizes are quite large (inevitably given the picture and sound quality, which is some of the best that I have come across); in many cases there is the option to download WMV files as several separate downloads. The MP4 files are around 30% larger then the WMVs.

I like the degree of information provided for each film; there are the stars and a synopsis of course, but also the running time is provided, along with the size of the various possible downloads. Links are also provided to programmes that will show the various clip types.

The spankings themselves are reasonably fearsome; unusually many begin directly onto bare flesh. There are a lot of very red bottoms and some tears.

Personally I would prefer to see a few more OTK spankings, as many films feature the spankee lying down or bending over, but that is purely my individual taste.

The overall impression I get is of professionalism; the site is well presented and nicely organised, and, on the whole, the videos feature highly professional models. Performances are good, and the scripts are more than decent.

I particularly like the more relaxed type of clip, of which there are a few, notably the Xmas 2011 one and Cakeboy, which is a lot of fun (and features the gorgeous Leia, of course!).

The site really is tremendous value, with the high quality of the clips combined with some very reasonable pricing options, and The Chief makes for an affable put strict main spanker. I should probably like to see a little more imagination in the storylines of the clips, but that's probably just me (and a recent feature asks members to contribute ideas to an upcoming shoot, leaving room for improvement in this area).

Check out the site; the preview section to be found here is really good, and The Chief's blog here is well worth a look too.

I promise that I'll be back soon.

All the best



  1. Just seen your review, Tim. Thanks for taking time to check out the site thoroughly. I actually thought I had more OTK spankings, I tend to enjoy these myself and have just filmed some more so look out for these coming soon! :)

    Chief. aka John "cakeboy" Osborne

    1. Hi John

      Sorry I missed your comment somehow; there certainly are a decent number of OTK spankings on show, but there does seem to have been a recent run of leaning ones.

      They're all good spankings though.

      Thanks again, Chief