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There are more questions than answers? Not here. The Cameraman of My Spanking Roommate

Good morning regular readers (if it's your first time here - why? I was here; where were you? You really must show more responsibility!).

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a paysite review of My Spanking Roommate, a site that I particularly enjoy.

I found that there were things I wanted to know about the site, and how the approach to working on it differed from others.

Whilst the site is part of Clare Fonda's stable, it is run by The Cameraman, her long time production partner. He has very kindly consented to answer a few questions for me, and his detailed and informative responses are below.

There is also a piece of breaking news in his answer to question one that will make many fans happy.

Please read on.

1. the site is pretty much unique; what inspired the different approach?

ANSWER: I had never seen a spanking soap opera anywhere. Most sites have separate scenes and talent comes and goes, usually playing different characters. So I thought, what if you have an entire ongoing drama that is centered around 3 or 4 young ladies, and once spanking becomes acceptable among that group, it spreads and happens all the time.

And then you can develop little nuances. If you watch all the episodes with some of the regulars, you really pick up little character things here and there. We were looking to add a new site a few years back and Clare seemed to like this idea. It’s more complicated to manage, but it provides something fresh.

I am going to drop some breaking news here -- we liked the format so much that we are developing another soap opera spanking site with Veronica Ricci as the star. It will be called and will debut April 1 this year. I think the title pretty much explains what you’ll be seeing from this site.

2. many of the videos are quite long, with individual scenes running up to 30 minutes; do you tend to shoot in one take, or do you do multiples and edit them together?

ANSWER: When the site began, we had one high end High Definition camera, so I shot takes that lasted up to 4 or 5 minutes and we had to cut in order to vary the angles. After a while we got a second HD camera so that we could shoot longer without stopping. Now we have 3 HD cameras and are capable of shooting for 30 minutes without stopping if the actors go that long.

Initially there was a learning curve for the talent, so they would stop to ask what happens next. But when we shoot with the regulars now, there is typically no stopping. Two of my favorite episodes, 89 and 90, feature Mary Jane (who is trained as an actress), Kay and Madison. They are both very long episodes that were shot without stopping at all.

3. how much are the scenes scripted in advance? Some of your performers, Kay for example, seem very loose and it's easy to imagine they are improvising much of the dialogue. It has a pleasingly naturalistic feel.

ANSWER: I strongly believe that you get a very realistic vibe from this site. I know it tends to be comedic at times, but that is because some of the models have a sense of humor and the characters really reflect what they are like. Kay Richards, who you accurately depict as loose with the story, is one of the funniest people I know. And many of her episodes have moments of great levity. But she also has other moods and has cried for real in some scenes, and gotten angry in others.

As for how it is scripted, there are 20 to 40 storylines planned in advance. Certain things must
happen in each episode. Certain lines or references to other episodes are included. Sometimes an episode centers around an event, such as a birthday or a holiday. A desired length is preferred for some episodes so that
it can play out to finish in time for an episode with a specific release date in mind, such as the Halloween and Christmas episodes. But sometimes the models get inspired and go for as
long as 30 minutes. And you have to encourage that.

Last Christmas, we released 4 clips for an update, in part to reward our viewers, in part so that we could reach the January 1 launch for the New Year’s Episode with Veronica Ricci and Missy Rhodes, who were making their debut on the site. Interestingly, by scripting episodes so far in advance, sometimes we are left racing to shoot and edit to make a deadline. And on other rare occasions, it might be over a year before a scene from a s
hoot is released. Sierra Salem retired as a spanking model, yet she appears in our current episode and will appear once more, in our Christmas 2012 episode. Most of the episodes between those two have yet to be shot, and some have not yet been scripted.

4. sneaky bonus question - Cameraman, do you have the best job in the world? How did you get it?

ANSWER: Do I have the best job in the world? Well, if you polled the world, I think maybe less than 1% of all people would say I do. If you polled only men, maybe that number goes up to 5%. If you ask only men who are into spanking, then it probably jumps way up to 80%. If you poll men who mostly enjoy F/F spanking then you probably get closer to 100%.
I started shooting with Clare Fonda on Jan. 5, 2000. That was our first shoot, but we met a while before that. Since
then, I have shot nearly all of her content for all of her sites, and helped in every aspect, from designing sites and planning shoots. Lately I have
been booking models. I have shot for other fetish sites as well, but working with Clare has been the greatest experience by far. She is an awesome person -- funny, talented, kind, creative and beautiful. She has a magic aging wand that doesn’t allow her to age. I have a blog in which I look at the spanking world from a behind the scenes approach called

So there you go; a lot of interesting detail, and a piece of breaking news! You read it here first!

Clare also agreed to answer a few more general questions, and her responses will be posted in the near future.

Many thanks to both Clare (for putting me in touch with him) and The Cameraman; he's a pretty lucky guy whatever he may say above!

All the best; I'll be back soon.


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