Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Ah, the thrill of it....

"The thrill of what?" I hear you whisper, eyes stretched wide with interest. You lean forward in your chair, sliding onto it's edge; a small trickle of adrenalin threatens to light the blue touch paper of excitement, and your breathes come each a little quicker than the last.

See, you feel it too. Anticipation!

Okay, now you probably feel disappointment. "Was that all he was on about?" But, hey, for once, this is a serious point.

Well, a real point anyway.

So a quick question; go on, let's have your gut response. Snap back with how you feel.

Ready? Here it comes?

How much of the excitement that you get from spanking comes from the anticipation of punishment?

That can cut either way; you can get excited at the idea of spanking or being spanked. (I like to try and cover all the bases when I can).

So, what do you think? I suppose to an extent it may depend on how your spanking relationship works, but I suspect, at some point, we all know that a spanking is coming in advance.

Maybe she's frozen your favourite pair of underwear, and you owe her a sore bottom.

Maybe you've replaced the salt for your wife's lunchtime tomato with sugar, and you deserve to be hauled over her knee.

The point is, rather obviously, that in either case, you know that there is a spanking in the offing, and your mind, and body, both react to that.

Me, I fantasize about what's coming; I imagine her slightly girlish laugh when I accuse her, and the shamefaced shuffle of her feet as she looks at the floor, unable to meet my eye. I look forward to walking behind her as she plods upstairs, to meet her doom. I treasure the anticipation of her body bent over my lap, and the tingle in my hand as I raise it for that first stinging slap.

And all of this, of course, leads me to become aroused.

Or, I imagine her coming home, her lips tight with justified annoyance. I feel the flutter of butterflies in my stomach as she reaches down for the heavy carpet slipper, and the involuntary tightening of my buttocks as that pre-spanking anticipatory sting sets in. I can almost hear the whoosh of the slipper as she whacks it down at my bared bottom, the cool air of our bedroom gliding out of its way.

And all of this, of course, leads me to become aroused.

There is one difference; I know that spanking my wife will prompt Leopold (as she often calls my dick) to proudly salute, but being spanked is only a physical turn on for me in anticipation.

I suspect that my reactions in this area are a little anomalous. I would guess that most of you, if you are at all switchy, get turned on by giving or receiving. How very fucking even handed of you!

Sorry that I can't join in.

Ah, but I love the anticipation; just typing that paragraph above was enough to tighten the front of my trousers (something my stomach manages to do quite well on it's own, thanks for asking. Are you discriminating against the fuller figure, goddamnit?).

I know that, if my spanking ever took place, I would not get physically turned on; my reaction is much more emotional and mental.

Actually I suppose that could be seen as a double benefit; arousal (which could easily lead to a pleasant wank) in anticipation, followed by the cathartic benefits I experience from the physical act.

Oh, but the anticipation.

A case can be made, I think, for all realistic fantasy to be based in anticipation. It's human nature to think about what is coming. Or what may come. Or what we want to come.

Phew, all of this talk about coming! Oh, hang on, not that kind of coming. I should have realised.

Well, this post that started out sort of serious has now deteriorated into juvenile sniggering entendres (that fail to rise to the level of doubles), so I think that I may pack it in.

Ta ta for now, spanking fans.

All the best


The attached photos all come from Real Life Spankings - full site review due next week!

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