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Tim the Tum's 6th Form Adventures (or, Was my school odder than most?)

I attended school in the UK during the late sixties and the seventies, when corporal punishment was still used to bully pupils into line; while I got into my fair share of trouble I never got caned, although I did get a couple of slipperings (one from my female Head of House that I may talk more about in a separate post).

I discovered a joy in spanking before I started senior school; I played spanking games with girls in both Infant and Junior schools, although my interest waned a bit when I was around 9 years old. I've never known what rekindled my love of applying a palm to a female bottom, but when I was around 13 it burst back into my life, and I've never lost interest since.

When I was 14 or 15 years old, I was a School Librarian, and this lead to me finding a number of occasions to spank several girls from my year. These were pretty jokey beatings, with the girl usually bent over a desk while I administered 6 or so smacks to the seat of her skirt.

None of the girls I spanked ever took it badly; they generally just faked rubbing a sore bottom, and our conversation would continue where ever it left off.

There was also the dark room incident, a lightly fictionalised version of which has already appeared here (as The Perils of Photography).

I was 16 when I entered the Lower Sixth, and my world changed hugely. I attended a Comprehensive school in a fairly poor neighbourhood; it had 1500 pupils, a 6 foot 7 inch Irish Headmaster (he was one of it's main assets actually) and very little interest in academics.

The Sixth Form had around 50 members, 30 in the Lower, with the remainder in the Upper Sixth; this latter group was blessed with their own study area, and individual cubicles shared by 2 scholars each. For the first time I was among a group who had chosen to be at achool; this was bliss.

I had never really interacted with the year above mine, and I was startled to find that there were several lads almost as keen on spanking as I was. One guy in particular, who was going out with a girl in my year (let's call him Paul Judge) was clearly obsessed; he took every opportunity to put Jayne (his girlfriend obviously) over his knee, often in front of virtually the whole Sixth Form.

Whilst Paul was the keenest spanker there were several others, and, in the Upper Sixth, a number of girls seemed to, at worst, have become resigned to having their bottoms smacked. Often they seemed eager to egg on the boys, in order to get spanked.

And, joy of joys, they extended this to any Lower Sixth boys who showed an interest.

I think spanking may be virally based, because this also spread to many of the Lower Sixth girls, who had never previously exhibited much interest. There were 16 girls in the Lower Sixth, and by the end of the year I'd spanked 14 of them (1 of the others I had spanked when she was younger, but she had grown up tough and rather scary; the last one I finally got at a party the following year).

At the end of that first year the Upper's left (the king is dead, long live the king) to be replaced by my year; of course this also meant an influx of younger girls into the Lowers, and we weren't slow in introducing them to the firm smack of discipline. They took it remarkably well.

Not long before the Uppers left, Paul had his 18th birthday; a bunch of us pooled our resources and bought him a bull whip, from a stall in the local market. Of course, none of us knew how to wield one, but it didn't stop us trying. That was a painful day at school, believe me. Funny too, when the Head of the Sixth Form walked in on Nick trying out the whip on Paul.

I sometimes wonder about the teachers who were based in the Sixth Form Block; in addition to the Head there were three others, and they must have been aware of the spanking that went on, but no one was ever censured for it. There were no shortage of edicts issued about behaviour (in particular the noise and the somewhat heated card games), but no one ever said that the spanking must stop!

I think maybe they quite enjoyed watching it.

Thinking back now my mind is alive with sixth form spankings; virtually all over the knee, over skirts and with the hand. These are often my favourite type of spankings now, so I guess it's easy to see where that comes from.

I can only remember two spankings that lasted more than a dozen or so smacks; I gave both during my Upper Sixth year. One was at a house party (there seemed to be one of these at least every couple of weeks; every one turned up with a bottle of wine, or a four pack of lager, or, every now and then, a bottle or two of whisky or vodka, and we pumped up the stereo and had a good time).

A girl in the Lower Sixth spilt some beer on me and when I threatened to spank her if she did it again, she did so, only on purpose. I pulled her over my knee, and swatted her 10 or 12 times; then I stopped, expecting her to get off. She muttered something about being comfortable, and a naughty girl, and stayed there for an hour or so.

I naturally occupied the time with little bursts of spanking, while carrying on the usual slightly drunken conversations with everyone around me, until I had to reluctantly move her so that I could go to the loo; when I returned she had wondered off. Ah, happy days.

The spanking I remember a bit better (because it was at school and I was sober) was one I gave to Jules, the captain of the school hockey team. She was fairly attractive but solidly built, and not a girl anyone would push around.

One afternoon I found myself on a free period, and the Sixth Form was empty except for Jules and I; we were making coffee, and she put a sugar in hers, while looking guilty.

"Sugar?" I asked, with raised eyebrows; Jules was notorious for her healthy eating.

"Um, yeah. Naughty pleasure. I shouldn't really, but I just fancied one."

"How dare you! You need a good spanking" I said this, tongue in cheek; it was a bit flirty but not intended to go any further.

She looked me up and down; I stood 5 foot 8, and she was a good 4 inches more than that. She had on a pale yellow cotton blouse, and a multicoloured cotton skirt, that fell to about knee length. It's surface was quite rough.

"Well, you might be right."

I was taken aback by this; mind you, I was also very excited. I was conscious that, standing there in front of her in skin tight light blue drain pipe trousers, my interest was soon going to become apparent.

I reached out and seized her wrist.

"You better come here then."

The kitchen area was just outside the Head of Sixth Form's office; through a narrow passage was a more spacious area, with seating around three sides. It overlooked the entrance to the school, but no one could see into it.

I started towards it, Jules dragging behind me. I knew that there was no way I could force her to come with me if she wasn't willing; she was bigger and stronger than me. Nevertheless, along she came.

We emerged from the passage into the deserted sitting room, and I smartly made a path to the nearest seat.

"Come on then, over my knee" I said, seating myself. I gave a subtle tug on Jules's wrist, and she descended across my thighs.

The skirt pulled tight against her well muscled bottom, and, raising my hand as high as I could, I began to spank her, laying on a stream of firm smacks. Jules didn't react, lying unmoving over my lap.

After a minute or two my arm began to tire, and my hand stung, so I slowed down my blows. After a couple of minutes more the spanking had degenerated to a series of pats, and I was wishing that there was some type of smacking implement to hand. Sadly there wasn't, but I continued manfully on for at least another five minutes.

After a while Jules struck up a conversation; something about an upcoming Charity Walk that a bunch of us had agreed to do. I carried on spanking.

After a bit longer she said, in a voice filled with real curiosity

"Do you even remember what you're smacking me for?"

"Um, everything you've ever gotten away with until now?"

"Good enough. You'll need to make sure you catch up with me when I'm naughty in future though."

I gave her a few more smacks, but then we heard the door to the Sixth Form open, and Jules wriggled to her feet, my arm that had been lying across her back as a restraint having no appreciable effect at all. She smiled at me, and headed for the Upper Sixth area.

I sat, somewhat dazed, and placed a nearby newspaper on my lap, whilst I awaited some subsidence.

There is a sequel to this story, but that's for another day, and a different blog.

So, did anyone have similar experiences during their school days? Or did my school have a monopoly on our kink?

All the best


All of these lovely photos appear courtesy of AAA Spanking (look for a full review of the site soon)


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it; unlikely as it seems every word here is true (allowing for my slightly dodgy memory).

    I really must do a follow up, with a few more examples of what went on.

    All the best


    1. Yes, of course your school was odder than most! I'm very envious though, as I suspect most of you readers will be...

  3. I loved reading this and would like to hear more of your stories if you have some :)

    lil miss naughty

  4. when I was at school boys gotwhackings with the slipper from masters.

  5. So where do we read about the next instalment?