Friday, 3 February 2012

I don't know what to post today

I don't know what to post today - hold on, is there an echo in here? Hullo, hullo, hullo. Uh, just a strange trick of the err, I want to say light, but that doesn't really work.

So, I got distracted. It happens all the time. See, I have a song going through my head as I write. Lucky sods, at least you don't have to listen to my tuneless warbling!

Come on, focus now.

Right then; don't know what to post. As a follow up to my review of My Spanking Roommate I have a great Q&A with Clare Fonda's Cameraman, who produces the site, but I was going to post that Monday.

I have a piece on the divergence of language and experience between the UK and the US but I need to tighten it up; it meanders even by my standards.

I have a slew of photos of Leia-Ann Woods, from her earlier Northern Spanking shoots; she looks so young (not that she's exactly an ageing hag nowadays either of course!). They'd be fun to post, but I need to write some appropriate words to accompany them, and frankly, I'm just feeling a bit lazy.

Ideally I want to put some good coffee in the filter, some loud music on the stereo (I'm in the mood for the Foo Fighters I think, or maybe Weezer, or maybe an old Springsteen show; crap, another decision to make) and to finish my book (an old Dick Francis novel, Driving Force).

I planned a piece on the results of my poll (loud raspberry noises, and no, I did not have beans for breakfast), and perhaps putting up a new one. I was also going to muse thoughtfully on the effect of being Chrossed on my page views. Fuck it though, another time.

That reminds me, I was going to talk about bad language in spanking videos (I'm not a big fan, which is odd as I used to get really annoyed when the Beeb or ITV cut films for language on the box; thank God for satellite TV); there were going to be some amusing comments on the alternative phrases we use in our household ("flaming tofu dogs of Hell" is my current favourite, although "custard toes" has much to recommend it).

I have the beginnings of a piece on what I don't like in spanking videos (diaper position, abusive tops, school girls caned bare bottom, punishments on the hand etc) but I'd have to sort out appropriate pictures to go with it; I'll definitely get to that one next week. Almost certainly. Uh, well, you know.

In the planning stages there is an article on why, on most spanking sites, the bottoms are beautiful, slim and damn near perfect looking women, whilst the men are ugly fat slobs (much like I myself am); that'll be fun, but it needs a bit more thought. Don't want to offend anyone; actually, they get to spank all those lovely bouncing butts - fuck, I don't care if I do offend them! (This comment comes with a jealousy alert courtesy of Frustrated Spankers Called Tim).

I was rather hoping for a comment or two on the Secret Spanko interview; I thought that his frustrations came through well, and they might move some of you, but, as all too often, it's quiet, too damn quiet. Is the monster sneaking up behind me? Well, as long as it's not the one from the closet (a shout out to any fans who've been around for at least a couple of weeks).

At this stage I have the feeling that I'm being watched by more people than are still reading this, and the only one here with me is the goddamn stupid cat (who follows me around the house more loyally than any dog I've ever owned).

Overwhelmed by ennui I will, I think, slap a few photos from Northern Spanking and My Spanking Rommmate on this load of waffling bollocks, and give up for the day.

Oh, but who knows what delights tomorrow will bring!

All the best
(and I really am very very sorry)


Oh, and I have to cook today; sausage rolls (which I do with very finely chopped up mushrooms, tabasco and Worcester sauces), corned beef hash (a guilty pleasure; I make a wad and parcel up a couple of helpings for future breakfasts) and a rustic sausage casserole (which cooks for about 3 hours, a real Winter warmer).

Reading back that last paragraph I think I can begin see why I am that ugly fat slob!

PS (I know, will he never shut up?!) I've found out how to work the link function!


  1. You pulled it off very well, I think, for having nothing to say. And thanks for the link, too!

  2. Thanks. Of course, the pretty pictures don't exactly hurt either!

    You're welcome for the link; you have a very interesting blog.

    All the best