Monday, 19 December 2011

Why I Like....spanking

Much of this is really obvious but still, here I go!

1. the thrill as I say "get across my knee", and she obeys
2. the sight of tightly clothed buttocks presented across my lap
3. the wriggle of anticipation, shaking those twin mounds as I prepare to lay on that first smack
4. the tentative push back, or sometimes withdrawal, as I rub my hand across the target before beginning
5. the sharp tang of anticipation that I feel as my hand floats, shoulder high, fingers slightly splayed, teasing that first decent
6. the gentle whoosh of moving air as my hand descends
7. the first shock of contact as my palm strikes across the centre of the raised surface
8. the first gasp, a sharp intake of breathe as that first spank slams home
9. the echoing shock through my fingers and wrist, and back up my arm to my shoulder
10. the vibration of spanked cheeks beneath my hand as it rests for a split second before reversing its course upwards
11. the pleasure in choosing my next target; right buttock, left buttock, centre again? The peak or the trough of the underside of the cheeks?
12. the warmth growing in my palm as it smacks down again and again
13. the feel of a female body writhing and wriggling against my thighs
14. the small but growing sounds from my victim as the spanking grows in severity
15. the sense of hope that she feels as I pause in my task, before I raise her skirt
16. the smooth round cheeks, in sharper relief now that they're only covered by thin shiny panties
17. the changing sound of impact, as part of my hand now finds naked flesh
18. the growing pink tinge beneath the pants leg
19. the horrified gasp as I slowly begin to peel down her panties
20. the ultimate reveal, as both buttocks pull free of elastic material, and bound fully formed into view
21. the resounding splat as, for the first time, my whole hand finds bare bottom
22. the rapidly changing colour of her flesh
23. the growing protestations as the spanking nears its conclusion
24. the synchronisation of our panting breathes, hers in pain and mine in excitement
25. the satisfaction as she stands before me, well spanked, and ruefully rubbing her red stinging bottom.

All photos are copyright as marked.

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