Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Why I Like...Allaura Shane

Hello again and welcome back my friends; this is the fourth of my model appreciation series, and the first to feature an American model, the fiery but fun Allaura Shane.

What do we know about Allaura? Well, not all that much I'm afraid. She's originally from Arizona, where she did a number of photoshoots, before moving more recently to Denver.

She's 24 years old, and stands 5 foot 8 inches tall; she has short dark brown hair and a considerable amount of body art in the form of tattoos. She is very proud of this aspect of her appearance.

She refers to herself as having "buns of steel".

Whilst she is available for fetish shoots it appears that she has only shot spanking videos for Firm Hand Spanking, where she has mainly worked as a bottom, although she does appear in 2 series as a top.

So what do I like about Allaura? It's all attitude baby! Allaura is a compulsively bratty motor mouth, who never hesitates to talk herself into trouble.

She writhes around whilst being spanked, often struggling to get away from her spanker. She never stops talking whilst being punished, often egging her disciplinarian on to greater lengths (see especially her videos with Alison Miller).

Of course Allaura looks great, with dark somewhat smouldering looks, and an easy infectious grin.

She brings a massive enthusiasm to her worker, whether as top or bottom, and she can really take a good spanking.

Take a look at these pictures, all but one from Firm Hand Spanking. The other picture is from Allaura's page at Model Mayhem.

Wouldn't you want to spank her?


  1. I would love to spank those buns of steel! She is simply marvelous!

  2. She's done two hard core videos. One with backroom casting couch (as just allaura) and one with a now defunct sun devil angels. The brcc video is much better.