Sunday, 11 December 2011

On reviewing paysites; a brief explanatory note

Good evening (well, it is here); if you follow this blog at all you'll be aware that, on Friday, I posted a review of the Spanking in Uniform website. Thank you to all those who contacted me about the review.

It is my intention to review approximately 1 paysite per month, as I pay for my own subscriptions and 1 at a time is all that I can currently justify. I am out of work, and largely rely upon my wife's income (plus some bits that I do manage to generate).

Having said that, if you run a paysite and would like me to review it, I am willing to do so if you comp me 1 month's membership; please be aware however that all this buys you is an acknowledgement of your generosity at the beginning of my review. The actual review itself would still be impartial and biased according to my own spanking prejudices. Still, if you run a decent site I'm sure that I can say enough nice things about you to interest some readers.

My next review, sometime next week, will be Firm Hand Spanking; I've sold a couple of pieces of writing this month, and so I treated myself to a couple of memberships.

I join a site for 1 month only; if the subscription calls for an ongoing commitment I will still cancel further payments after the initial one. I'm sorry if that offends any site owners out there, but, while there are some great sites on the web, none produce enough content to justify ongoing subscription, not when money is tight. In the past I've stayed with subscriptions for several months at a time, but sadly this is no longer viable for me.

A financial reality; fiscal sense trumps loyalty in this area.

During the first few days of the month I will download any videos that I don't currently have; in most cases I'm returning to a site I've been subscribed to before and I just need to catch up on a few videos. Well, sometimes quite a few. I think that I got around 100 new clips from the excellent Spanking in Uniform, for instance.

Anyway, that's it for now; I'll be back with a new story tomorrow, and I expect to do a Why I like.. bit on Pandora Blake as well before I upload the FHS review.

Sleep well all, and I hope that you had a good weekend.

(Photos are from the wonderful Erica Scott and FHS).

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