Monday, 12 December 2011

Why I like...Pandora Blake

Hullo all of you blog readers out there in spanking land (ah, if only that were a real place - I'd be sending in my immigration papers this very moment). Welcome to the second of my pieces about models that I particularly like.

This time we will look at the wonderful Pandora Blake; another English spanking model, but one unlike any other.

So, what do we know about Pandora? She's a lifestyle submissive, and currently has 2 (male) doms. She's been active in making spanking videos since she was 22; her first film was in June 2006.

She's sometimes known as Paulina.

Pandora is bisexual and, according to her website (Spanked, Not Silenced -, her biggest kinks are "power exchange and being hit with things".

Her above mentioned blog is one of the most intelligent and thought provoking around; Pandora is extremely concerned with sexual politics, and expresses her opinions in a forthright and coherent manner.

She has appeared on any number of video sites over the past few years; I have seen her in clips on the following sites:-

English Spankers
Girls Boarding School
Northern Spanking Institute
Sound Punishment
Spanked over Skirts
Spanked in Uniform
Triple A Spanking

You can find a list of other places she has appeared on, although it is somewhat out of date.

Pandora, never one to stand still when there are new avenues to explore, is currently building her own paysite (; this should be up and running shortly, and is
one of a very rare few that seeks to offer something to every one, irrespective of their spanking preference.

So, what exactly do I like about Pandora? Well, let's start with the obvious; she's got incredibly striking and memorable looks. She may not be a classic beauty but (and this isn't meant to denigrate her looks in the slightest) she has the type of face you might see on someone walking down the street. She appears in no way artificial; she is not perfect but she is real.

The top picture here illustrates this perfectly, I think. She has a face you could fall in love with.

Her figure is somewhat fuller than a lot of spanking models; her curves are entrancing, especially in the round hills of her bottom. I first saw her in jeans on the Spanked in Skirts website, and I could not remember seeing a more spankable bottom. I still can't think of one now.

She can act. Convincingly. When she looks appealingly at a prospective spanker it can be heart breaking (although you's still have to put her over your knee anyway).

As she says herself, she is well brought up and well educated; her accent is quite upper middle class (and no, I can't define the actual differences between the classes, and I have no interest in trying), and there is nothing more appealing than a naughty posh girl. This is not to say
that Pandora puts on any airs; she is delightfully down to earth, as anyone reading her blog can confirm.

Pandora is passionate; I love passion in anyone. It is clear that, over and above the sexual thrill and satisfaction that she gets from spanking, she cares about it as an idea.

On a recent blog post she put forward the idea that, as she is in a relatively privileged position in the spanking world, it is her responsibility to enhance the lot of those less fortunate. Such a selfless attitude is rare in our world today; how can you not like someone who sees beyond their own needs and desires?

Pandora is aware of gender issues. She has stated, quite eloquently, that she thinks it wrong that most mainstream paysites limit their output to the traditional M/F and F/F; her own site will also provide F/M and M/M content alongside the more expected videos.

So, why do I like Pandora? She's a real and caring person, who happens to be lovely to look at, and whose intelligence comes through even as her wonderful rounded bottom is being reddened. How could you not like her?

(Photos this time are from Spanking Sarah, Dreams of Spanking, Sarah Gregory Spanking and one I had on
my harddrive from somewhere; I'll be happy to attribute it if anyone knows where it originated)


  1. This made me smile - how lovely of you :) I'm glad you appreciate some of the less conventional stuff I'm doing, I'm always a bit anxious it's going to make me terribly unpopular. But I guess it makes me popular with the kind of people I'm likely to have values in common with, so that's no bad thing ;)

    The unattributed photo is from Girls Bottom I think - one of the Spanking Online network of sites, anyway.

  2. Many thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts, and to comment on them. I hope when I paraphrased your views I didn't mangle them too greatly; I really do think that there is a lot of value in trying to broaden the field, and what people are exposed to.

    Best wishes


  3. As a producer and website owner let me add that it is always a great pleasure working with Pandora.

    Not only is she a wonderfull spanking model and actress but also a lovely person. Great sense of humour and very professional.


  4. Hi Mike; thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

    My experience of Pandora is limited to her videos, her blog and a couple of emails, but she certainly seems to me to be generous, warm and great fun.

    All the best