Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Why I like...being spanked

Well, as I've often said, whilst I am primarily a spanker, I am also a little bit switchy, and that hasn't been particularly well supported by this blog.

So, bearing in mind yesterday's list of reasons that I like to spank, here I present the reverse argument.

Sorry if this isn't your thing, but there are also some nice pictures; ignore the bottoms and concentrate on the lovely lady spankers. So, as the Ramones would have said, Hey, Ho, Let's Go. These are the reasons that I like to be spanked:-

1. the weakness in my knees as she calls me to her
2. the strength in her hands as she guides me across her knee
3. the pressure of her hand against the small of my back as she holds me firmly in place
4. the tension in my buttocks as I suck them in, awaiting that first smack
5. the sound of her palm falling, displacing the air that lies in its path
6. the thud as the first blow strikes, rocking me forward against her thighs
7. the squirmy feeling in the pit of my stomach as my aroused member rubs itself stiffer with each spank
8. the beginning of heat in the centre of my bottom, reflected by a deeper warmth in the centre of my being
9. the conflicting feelings of emotional security and physical peril I feel when I am treated as a little child (although I was never treated this way as a child)
10. the way my buttocks hum to me as the spanking builds in force, a song of pleasure and pain
11. the shiver of overwhelming desire I fell as she brushes my dick whilst taking down my trousers
12. the waft of cooling air against reddened skin as I lie unprotected across her lap, waiting for my punishment to resume
13. the sharper sound of her slaps as they fall against bared flesh
14. the (I'm almost sure) imaginary suction of her hand as she pulls it away from my just compressed buttocks
15. the distinct feeling of heat as the initial tingling begins to grow into a mild sting
16. the small sharp explosions of pain each time she strikes, like the tiny nip of a razor toothed animal
17. the gradually spreading pain as the rouged patches on my cheeks begin to meet up
18. the release in finding my voice, and crying out against the pain, as the spanking reaches an echoing crescendo
19. the residual ache, deep into the muscles of my bottom, that remains long after the sting has died away
20. the remembrance of heat in my cheeks as I shuffle, a little uncomfortably, in my seat afterwards

So there you go; some of the things I like about being spanked; it doesn't happen very often (certainly not as often as I deserve) but I think it's wonderful to experience a spanking from the other side. Everyone should try it!

(Images mainly from Strict Women, a website that I plan to review soon; the other image as marked)

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