Friday, 9 December 2011

Why I Like...Amelia Jane Rutherford

Welcome back my friends; today we have the first in a new series, in which I will discuss why I like particular spanking models.

We start with the incandescent Amelia Jane Rutherford (yes, that's her to the left), spanking and fetish model supreme. I can't imagine that this choice will be a particular surprise to many of you, as she is one of the most in demand models currently working.

What do we know about Amelia? Well, she's blonde, 6 foot 1 inch tall (someone once expressed the view that you needed to be 6 foot 8 inches tall to properly put her over your knee. The photo that prompted that comment appears below) and she trained as a dancer, until she was 18, when she switched to acting. She has a willowy dancer's frame, with long elegant legs. When dressed up, in for instance evening wear, she could easily pass for royalty, although she seems rather too nice for that.

She has been a spanking model for some years now and works as an actress. She is also involved in a number of more general bondage scenes as Ariel Anderssen.

She has appeared in spanking videos in both the UK and the US (one of very few models who've crossed the pond in either direction); she is willing to work for anyone producing quality videos (it would appear).

I have seen her in clips from, amongst others, the following:-

Spanked in Uniform
Clare Fonda
Dallas Spanks Hard
Northern Spanking
Firm Hand Spanking
Girls Boarding School.

There may well be others that I've forgotten.

So, specifically, what do I like about Amelia? Well, first of all, she is gorgeous. There are few spanking actresses who look so appealing placed across a spanker's knee, her long well muscled legs stretching out to one side, while her flowing tousled hair frames a pouting face. I don't believe that she has ever taken up this option, but should she enter the world of one to one spankings she would be assured of making a fine living for years to come.

She can actually act! The characters that she portrays become real people, which, for me, enhances the value of the spanking. In a lot of videos that bit leading up to the spanking seem to be there merely as a matter of routine, but that's never the case with Amelia.

Miss Rutherford takes a good spanking; while she squeals (most
appealingly) almost from the first blow, there are films in which she takes a massive amount of punishment. She clearly doesn't shirk this aspect of the scene.

She has appeared in some of the most inventive spanking films around, especially for Firm Hand Spanking, where I particularly enjoyed the series in which she goes under cover in a private school that still practices corporal punishment, and also the more recent one where she was a reporter investigating corporal punishment methods with an expert in the field.

It seems that she has a genuine sense of humour, and certainly she has exhibited great comic timing; one Northern Spanking video where she is paired with Lucy McLean as identical twins who bamboozle the headmaster is as funny as any sitcom (and I know that could be considered faint praise).

She is loyal to her friends; I've read several stories about the support that she has given to other spanking artists when they have been in difficulties.

Amelia brings something to spanking videos that only the biggest stars bring to movies; she has an onscreen charisma that projects beyond the camera into the world of the viewer. It makes it very hard not to get sucked into the scene, and if you relate to the characters it makes the action much more enjoyable.

I look forward to many more years of enjoying her work around the internet.

(Photos are copyright Firm Hand Spanking, Spanking in Uniform, Toby Brooke and Chelsea Spanks)


  1. One more little thing you forgot to mention---she's got a great ass.

  2. You are entirely right, although I kind of think it was implied. Amelia does have a spectacular ass.

    I can't believe that I didn't say that.

  3. She is maybe the most beautiful spanking model currently working, and love her personality too. I particularly like her firmhand series mock documentary on spanking where various techniques are demonstrated on her!

  4. Thanks so much for your lovely blog post, what a super surprise! I do hope blogging turns out to be as much fun for you as spanking modelling has turned out to be for me.

    Very best wishes,


  5. she is a class act and takes spanking films to a whole new level