Friday, 9 December 2011

Website Review - Spanked in Uniform

Hello there,and welcome to the first of a planned series of reviews of spanking paysites; these are my personal views on what works and what doesn't, and as such, they should be viewed through the lens of my own particular foibles.

So then, Spanked in Uniform (SIU for short); the site is run out of Holland by the same genial Mike that runs Real Life Spanking. It's a little different from most spanking sites in that the videos form a kind of continuing storyline (similarly to M

The earlier series represent the venues you might most associate with girls in uniforms; a school, a hospital, an airline, a police station, and, a little more esoterically, a hotel for largely delinquent chambermaids. In recent months three new series ha
ve also been added, based around a military academy, a naval academy and a dance school.

Each storyline has a number of chapters (similar in some ways to My Spanking Room Mate), albeit in several distinct series. Some of these stories have a lot of chapters (32 for St Catherine's Private School for Girls) and these are added, on what seems to be a random basis, pretty much one a week (actually one every five days, I think).

The site is extremely well organised, and easy to use; you can select a particular storyline, and follow it through, or select a particular model and view a list of the videos in which she appears. You can access each film directly from this list. There is a simple practical FAQ, which advises on how to download the films. Payment is via CCBill, and instructions on cancelling your subscription appear clearly on the FAQ page.

The videos are provided in 2 formats; high quality HD WMV or lower quality Real Player, which are of course much quicker to download. As there are no download limits I'd suggest checking out the films in Real Player, and then getting a higher quality copy of your favourites. Quality is great on WMV, and acceptable on Real Player, although the latter appear a bit rougher on the older clips.

Member ship costs are very reasonable; 1 month costs US$22.95, and there are discounts for longer periods. The site has at least 150 films, each of between around 5 and 10 minutes.

There are a good range of models; the index lists 35 different individuals (and a couple of double acts). They range from the top range of British spankees (such as Amelia Jane Rutherford, Pandora Blake, Leia-Ann Woods), the odd international guest (Caroline Grey), some more recent Brits (eg Sarah Bright and Danielle Hunt) and a sprinkling of Dutch girls imported from Real Life Spankings (Jolene, Patricia and Chervana amongst them). All of the models are attractive.

Most of the spankings are M/F, carried out by Mike (well, if you're going to run a spanking site you may as well enjoy it, right?); there is another male in a couple of the early videos, and a
female spanker also appears in a handful of clips. Several other clips feature some of the models spanking each other (although they always end up being punished by Mike).

A good range of implements are featured, and a variety of positions. There is perhaps a little too much of the belt or strap for my taste, but then I'm not a fan of it in general. There are a lot of OTK hand spankings, which generally keeps me happy.

Virtually all spankings start over clothes, progressing to underwear and then to the bare. They are of moderate severity; firm enough to raise a nice shade of pink but not hard enough to cause concern for the squeamish (such as me). They wouldn't challenge Dallas, certainly.

The costumes are good, and approximate what might be worn in the institutions featured, although probably a bit skimpier and sexier than in real life. The spankers are dressed appropriately (Mike makes a reassuringly smart headmaster, for instance). The individual stories revolve around the usual tropes; laziness, petty theft, breaking of rules and rudeness. They aren't particularly original but a reasonable basis for each spanking is established.

The videos are very professionally produced; each starts with a musical theme (specific to it's setting) and an introduction of the girls featured. There are establishing shots of the school, airline, hospital or wherever else they may be set, and the actual sets are appropriate. Multiple camera angles are used. They are, effectively, little soap opera episodes.

The acting is a bit variable from the very good (mostly the British girls) to the slightly stiff and awkward (which is to be expected, as many of the girls do not speak English as a first language); scripts are decent, no great witty dialogue in general, but nothing embarrassingly cliched either.

As briefly mentioned above, quite a number of the clips feature 2 or more girls being spanked (including a delightful set of shows with Amelia and Pandora), which is nice to see, and not all that common amongst video producers in general.

What I like:-

1. the models
2. the reasonable level of punishment inflicted
3. the number of videos available
4. the organisation of the site
5. the cost
6. the friendly nature of the info provided (and there is also a forum where Mike seeks to answer any specific queries)
7. comments from the spanking models suggest it's a nice site to shoot for
8. general ease of use and navigation

What I liked less:-

1. not many different spankers
2. costumes are a bit impractical (nitpicking, I know)
3. similar nature of a number of the scenes (this is to a degree caused by the constraints of the concept).

Any suggestions I might have:-

1. different spankers sometimes
2. a few more F/F clips (personal choice of mine)
3. perhaps the odd clip with a group of girls
4. more Amelia OTK (you can never have enough of this - well, alright, I never can)

Recommendation time; should you join up? I have to say yes. This site is well worth your money and time. I thoroughly enjoyed the majority of the videos, and the personalities of the models are allowed to shine through (I hadn't seen masses of Danielle Hunt before, but I'll look for her in the future). There is a lot of spanking here to wade your way through, and only the most idiosyncratic spanking fan would not find much to enjoy, especially if your preference is for M/F.

You can find the site at the following link: - Have a look; the preview section is very good as well.

I hope that you enjoyed this review, and it gave you some useful information. There will be another review in a couple of weeks time.

Ta ta for now.

(I'm sure it's obvious but all images are copyright Spanked in Uniform)


  1. Thanks for the review. I was just introduced to your site via a post from Pandora Blake. I appreciate the information and your opinions. This was very useful. I'm going to go check out the site now.


  2. Quai

    Glad to be of use; there will be at least one site review each month from now on.

    Best wishes


  3. This is a great review! Very thoughtful and I'd agree with your comments. I also find it very interesting that the sets seem plausible to you as most of the scenes are shot in the same location. Amazing what a bit of furniture rearrangement and some creative context setting can do. I think the intro sequences with the music and establishing shots really help set the stage, and make each scene feel like a genuine episode in a spanking soap :)

  4. Hey lovely, great review! Just one thing, my name is Leia-Ann Woods, not Leia-Ann Roberts!!!

  5. Leia-Ann, my humblest apologies! I don't know how I managed to do that - I was planning on doing my next "Why I Like..." bit about you, so I really do know your name. Honest!

    I've recreated your identity in the article now; sorry, sorry, sorry. I am red cheeked with embarrassment. I will ensure I check names more closely in future.

    Thanks for reading and for your comment.

    Best wishes


  6. Oh bless you! No don't worry, just thought you may not know me well so may have either had me confused with someone else or was unsure of my full name! Please don't be embarrassed, it happens to us all!

    Leia xxx

  7. Tim
    I am really sorry to trouble you, but I read your review of spanked-in-uniform and then followed up by joining... being given a username and password only to find myself unable to open anything on the site.. do you know of any problem with it or have I just lost £30? I know its not your site but I cannot contact them...can you help?