Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Website Review - Firm Hand Spanking

So then, as promised, my second paysite review, and this time I'm looking at Firm Hand Spanking.

This is an American based site, and it has been running for a number of years, at least since 2004 (the site conveniently tells you the last update with each model, and the earliest of these is 2004).

The site updates three times each week, and, although many of the clips are themed, each one is an individual episode of itself. Videos are of varying length, with each one being between 4 and 10 minutes long. Most run towards the longer end of this spectrum.

As you can imagine, given how long the site has been running and the frequency of updates, there are a lot of videos here. As of today there are 1249 videos to download. In addition to a number of stills from each video (a handful of which I have used to illustrate this article) there are a number of separate photo stories (largely dating from the early
days of the site).

There is also a members forum with threads dedicated to different models, some of whom will reply to questions from the members.

The site is extremely well organised, and very easy to navigate. All videos are presented in chronological order, from the most recent backwards. Additionally there is a comprehensive models index; this shows a summary of the number of clips each girl appears in, along with the date of the last one, allowing updates to be tracked easily. A head shot is also present.

Each model then has their own page detailing each video they appear in, and linking directly to them. There is also a list of which series their videos appear within.

There is also a similar index for each disciplinarian, which is a very nice feature.

Membership of the site is an extremely reasonable $24.95 for 1
month (recurring membership for 1, 2 or 3 months apply). There are discounts for longer membership, and payment is through CCBill.

There are around 88 spanking models appearing on the site. These include most of the biggest names in the business. The majority of models are American, although both Amelia Jane Rutherford and Leia-Ann Woods have appeared, the latter some years ago.

From the US, spankees such as Amber Pixie Wells, Michaela McGowan, Katherine St James,
Abigail Whittaker, Madison Martin, Chloe Elise and Lizzy Madison have all featured, some on many occasions.

There are a number of less familiar names, some who have only appeared a handful of times, and it is interesting to plot the changing model base over time.

One more important feature needs to be mentioned. They have apparently exclusive rights to a pair of the biggest names in US spanking; Samantha Woodley and Alison Miller. Sam has been around for several years, and
features as both top and bottom (although primarily as a spankee); she has also been involved in the production of a number of the clips. Alison is a bit newer, and she too is a switch who is shown predominantly as a bottom.

There are a number of stunning models on the site, although my personal favourite of the newcomers is Allaura Shane, a pretty girl with a firm tattooed body who has one of the most forceful and entertaining personalities around.

There are in excess of 30 disciplinarians, the majority of whom are men. I believe that all of the women who spank also appear, at one stage or another, as bottoms. I do not find the male tops as annoying as I do most, which may have a lot to do with the way the clips are scripted. The famous Steve Fuller features in 25 of the older clips.

The women tops are lovely (in general), although I do find it hard to regard many of them as particularly stern; Cindy Wallace is pretty good though.

The majority of videos are M/F, with (and this is a pure guess) maybe 30% being F/F. Pretty much every implement and position you can imagine crops up (yep, them as well) at some point; naturally there are a lot of OTK hand spankings (yeh!) but every taste is accounted for. There are some great paddlings over jeans, which is a particular favourite of mine.

All clips are available for download, with no limits. Currently clips are provided in 5 different formats; high quality WMV, standard quality WMV, high quality Real Player, standard Real Player and video for I-Pod (I haven't tried this last one). The first four formats all provide clear stable pictures that are perfectly watchable; download times vary, of course, but none are awfully high.

The clips themselves are arranged into a number of series; examples of these are Maid Trouble, Sorority Sisters, Houseguest from Hell, Bootcamp and Reform School. While each episode stands alone they feature the same spanker and spankee, and there is generally a progression in the seriousness of the punishment given, through implements (hand to strap to paddle to cane, for instance) and degree of protection allowed.

Some clips do show progressive spanking, but a lot jump straight into baring the bottom, depending on where they fall within a set.

While a number of series are the things that you might expect, several find a genuinely new slant on spanking, and the reason for doing it. I would particularly recommend the following:-

Undercover Reporter (my title; older storylines have individual episode titles but no overreaching one) - Amelia Jane as a reporter going undercover in a school which still practices corporal punishment
Born With It - Abigail Whittaker coming of age as a spankee, and the efforts of her uncle to prevent it
Secretary - probably inspired by the movie, with Adrienne Black as a secretary who's a little too keen on taking her punishment
English School - in which Samantha Woodley and Niki Flynn get to explore differing attitudes to school punishment in the UK
The Definitive Guide - Amelia Jane again, as a researcher examining the effects of corporal punishment.
What the Dickens? - Amelia Jane and Niki experience the perils of the Victorian household.

In addition there are many more extremely entertaining series, although with a somewhat more conventional approach.

Scripts are generally good, with nice interaction between the characters; there appears to be a fair amount of improvisation, and this is to a high standard. The brattier models (such as the above mentioned Allaura) are allowed to shine. The amount of each clip devoted to build up varies from around 20% to a high of around 65%.

As you would expect with the large number of different performers the standard of acting varies wildly, from the very good to the stilted. Several performers appear over a long period and it is possible to trace their improvement (Alison Miller would be a great example of this).

The various punishments shown vary quite a bit in severity, but mainly fall at the upper end of mild; there are certainly marks, and some beatings have a ridiculously high number of strokes, but none are terribly severe and there are very few tears to be seen.

So then, what do I like:-

1. variety - there really is masses to see and download
2. the degree of invention
3. the girls (the girls, of course)
4. regular uploads
5. lots of bottom rubbing after punishment; I love to see the rueful pained looks of the spankees
6. very reasonable cost
7. ease of use

What don't I Like:-

1. I don't think that there is anything I actually didn't like


1. More forceful female tops
2. The odd older model maybe
3. A few more spankings over clothes (because I'm odd that way).

Would I recommend that you join this site? Well yes, of course I would. There really is something for pretty well everyone (who is in to seeing girls being spanked), and there is so much material that you'll be kept busy downloading for days. The cost is incredibly good if you work out exactly what you get for each hard earned penny, and there really are some videos on here that you will not see elsewhere.

Treat yourself; it's Christmas. Give it a try.


  1. Hi Tim, Just came by your blog, thought I would leave a comment. Been into spanking erotica for many years,with quite a collection of mags/vids/dvd.My wife does indulge in my passion, but not that into it.Nice to see feedback from spanking models, shows they do read the blogs as well.I met Ammelia Jane Rutherford (not real name) at erotica in London, even though she was busy, made the time to speak to me for sometime,a really lovely lady,and so tall,could have talked to her all day. Been a member of many spanking sites,I find it is better to have a short membership,as once you seen the content,it is better to come back again when there are more updates,also helps the other sites keep afloat. Firm hand is good, but not what it was,the best are the early vids /models they had. It also needs better stories/scenes.I agree with you, some older models would be nice,as they generally have a more spankable bottom.My choice at the moment is Spanked in Uniform.My dislikes..F/M and too many women as tops, just my choice. Great blog Tim, thanks. Regards Alastair

  2. Hi Alastair

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, and I'm glad you found something here to enjoy.

    At one time I wasn't a big fan of female tops, but over time my tastes have changed; I find most male tops a bit annoying (although I may just be jealous of them!) and when women spank I can enjoy both sides of the transaction. As you say, just a matter of personal choice.

    You're right that FHS spanking needs some better stories; they used to be really inventive but are less so at present. And Spanking in Uniform is a great site.

    All the best


  3. Hi Tim
    I know there are other sites apart fom FHS,but I see they now have some more models, one of my favorites..Aleesha Fox, watching her a lot on Bar and Stripes as a member of that site at the moment.They have the girls, but please please can they now do something to spice up the site.I know, sounds like I am getting at them again, but FHS was one of the great sites, once,so I would like to see them at the top again.
    There is no doubt that the internet has been great for spanking fans, there is so much content, with plenty of sites to join, spoilt for choice really. Membership coming to an end soon on Bars/Stripes, so not sure what to try next.Going through my spanking videos,not DVD, (all oringal) thought I would try and sell them cheap, just to get rid. Cannot sell on sites like ebay or preloved, could do with a site to sell spanking material.
    In your picture, is that your wife with you?
    Best Regards