Monday, 19 December 2011

Why I Like...Leia-Ann Woods

Welcome back to the third in my model appreciation series; this is my somewhat delayed peon to the stunning and generous Leia-Ann Woods.

So then, what do we know about Leia-Ann? To look at she is the quintessential English rose, demure and graceful, raven haired (most of the time) and a genuine switch.

She entered the scene at 19, began doing some modelling work and eventually graduated to video, which she took to like a duck to water.

She is deeply committed to CP.

In 2005 Leia-Ann began her own spanking paysite, Bars and Stripes, working with Michael Stamp of Northern Spanking fame.

Leia has appeared in videos for just about everyone, and is massively in demand. I have seen her in videos from:-

Northern Spanking
Triple A Spanking
Spanked Call Girls
Firm Hand Spanking
My Spanking Roommate
Punished Brats
Spanked in Uniform
Sarah Gregory Spanking
Strict Women

I am sure that there are many that I have missed out.

So why do I like Leia-Ann? She is stunning to look at, with a wonderfully firm bubble butt that looks equally good encased in a tight pair of jeans or bare across a spanker's knee.

Her sense of mischief shines through; it's easy to believe that she is a brat who needs a good hiding in virtually everything that she does.

She is an accomplished actress, who both looks and sounds the part.

She is extremely gracious; when I manages to mangle her name in a website review she calmly pointed it out, and she was extremely understanding when I apologised.

Leia's blog is compulsive reading, and very brave; she really bares her soul for all to see, and then invites comments, to which she often responds. Check it out at

She is an active member of the spanking community, who is happy to meet her fans at both spanking parties and in one to one sessions; I think it's brilliant that it is possible to meet, and spank, one of our heroes.

She seems to be a genuine switch, who gets as much fun out of being dominant as being dominated; whilst I am primarily a spanker I dream of being across her knee, her knowing smile shining as her firm hand waits to fall on my quivering bottom. Hopefully one day.

I urge you to seek out videos featuring Leia-Ann, wherever you may find them; she is prolific and there is a lot of great stuff out there.

All the best until next time.


  1. Hi Tim, I am SO sorry, but with all I have had on I have just seen this! Thank you for such a lovely post

    Leia xxx

  2. Hi Leia

    Glad you liked it, and that you still check out my blog from time to time. I've been looking at some early Northern Spanking stuff (courtesy of Paul) and there are some pictures of you on there with you looking frighteningly young!

    I feel a follow up post coming on!

    All the best