Monday, 24 June 2013

What the smart pervert is reading. This week.

No, I don't really think spanking is a perversion. I like to think of it as a kink.

So how do I define kink? If it's outside of the mainstream and I like it then it's a kink. if it's not my thing it's a perversion.

Spanking, of course, is very much my thing.

You have a different definition? That's fine. You can tell me all about it. On your own blog.

(Okay, you can tell me here in the comments section. These comment boxes are getting rusty from disuse. And here I am, all out of WD40 to clean them up. It's almost your duty to help them stay functional and attractive with a well thought out and provocative comment).

Soaring back across the blogosphere as I launch myself back in the vague direction of the point of this post (you can almost hear the whoosh if you listen closely), you might mistake me for the Man of Steel himself (who says these posts have no relevance to current affairs?).

I've been a bit intrigued by the most popular posts on my blog; of course, thanks to me good mate Chross the Rollin Hand interview is the biggee, but there are a number of older posts getting quite a bit of traffic, given their age.

My interview with the delightful Leia-Ann picked up something like 100 views last week, and that was posted in February 2012 (go on, check it out it you haven't read it before - it still reads as a decent interview in my humble and oh so self effacing opinion).

Also very popular is the short post "This Year's Model Belinda Lawson" from January 2012, with 78 page views.

Quite pleasingly (to me at least) the story of my very first spanking session with the fabulous Winks has over 70 reads last week too.

A couple of the website reviews regularly get decent page view numbers; Firm Hand Spanking, Dreams of Spanking and Real Life Spanking are in the 30 to 50 view range this week.

The recent posts always get (on a daily basis) around 50 views, with any post that mentions Pandora in the title particularly successful. I have a post prepared about that; look for it later this week.

A number of the opinion posts do pretty well too, which I find odd, as even I don't want to be reminded of my opinions from last year. Well, most of the time.

So what conclusions can we draw from all of this wonderment? Uh, not a one, so far as I can see. I always knew that people liked the reviews, if only for the pretty piccies that are included, and the model stuff is going to attract fans of anyone that I name.

Still, pretty easy post. Next we have a new website review, and I have a brief spanking superstar interview more or less ready to go, and I'm working on other stuff too.

I hope that I can keep you interested.

All the best


All pictures taken from Spanking Veronica Works (and yes, that is a hint as to the subject of the next couple of posts!)

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