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Book review - The Friday Night Bridge Club by Rollin Hand

How do you write a great spanking story? Pretty much the same way that you write any great story, but with, you know, added spanking.

So do you want to know the secret?

Yeah, me too. Sorry though, if I knew that I'd be out there doing it.

What I can tell you however is what makes a spanking story great for me; I like atmosphere, believable characters, spankings that grow out of the story rather than being forced into it, and good storytelling.

I also like one that exhibits a decent level of technical ability from it's writer; you know, the dull stuff like correct grammar, sentence structure and word selection.

I particularly like stories that amuse me, whilst at the same time arousing me.

Why am I so sure that these are the things I look for in a spanking story? That's easy; I've just read a bunch of them in  Mr Hand's latest Ebook, The Friday Night Bridge Club.

A couple of technical details; the book, which is 104 pages long, is available on Kindle for £2.02, or the equivalent in your native currency. I understand that it is also available in other formats too - check out for more information.

It contains 7 stories of varying length. All are worth checking out. The cover, by the wonderful Paula Lynn Russell, is shown to the left.

Rollin has, in addition to the virtues mentioned above, two more vitally important skills. He has a lightness of touch which make every story a pleasant read, and he has a sense of humour.

These stories are filled with little twists, which I won't detail as I don't wish to spoil anyone's fun in discovering them, but which often make the story something other than it appears. In particular you should beware if a story seems to merely be a retread of one of the standard spanking tropes; Rollin will undermine it with a surprise.

The collection includes Elm Street USA, which I believe Chross linked to a while back in his Spankings of the Week, and which is a delightful riff on the movie Pleasantville, and Love's Passionate Frenzied Fury, which is a funny satire on romance novels, and the way to write them. Oh, and on getting what you want.

The shortest story included is Scavenger Hunt, which is a wonderful little delight; for me the story I liked least was Bermuda Triangle, which I thought was just a bit obvious, but was an attempt to structure a story in a non-traditional manner. With hot spankings.

The title story is a kind of soft boiled noir tale of an insurance investigator, on a case to remember. In more ways than one.

Vale Vs Connor is a slightly deeper psychological look at the actions that need sometimes drives us to, which utilises a court room setting to good effect, and is told mainly through the use of dialogue and flashbacks.

The final story to mention is The Marriage Mentors of Maple Lane which is a tale of a somewhat subtle type of marriage counselling.

In this world spanking almost invariably leads to sex and this is described sensitively and well, as are the various spankings themselves.

I regret that I don't have anything more illuminating to say; I just thoroughly enjoyed this slim volume.

Which are my favourite stories here? Probably the title story and Elm Street USA, which was the first that I came across. Both subvert expectations, and both made me both chuckle and reach for the tissue (if you can excuse a little crudeness).

I would recommend this collection to anyone who enjoys well written and well thought out spanking stories; perhaps you should avoid it if your idea of entertainment is graphic descriptions of blood soaked buttocks, as all of the spankings are given at a sane level, or if the idea of both sexes being punished offends you, as no one is safe in a Rollin story.

For me the biggest disappointment was when the book came to an end; it is a genuine delight, and one that you could recommend to the non-spanko in your life as an example of why you find spanking fiction to be so much fun.

Go on, Amazon is always open. Pop along and download a copy now. You will not be sorry.

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