Thursday, 27 June 2013

A pretty half-assed apology

Well, lick my dick and call me a lollipop. I've just noticed that I've been neglecting my blog for the last few days.

Okay, okay. It wasn't really a surprise to me. I knew that I hadn't been here as much as I should.

It's just been a pretty busy week, one way and another, although I've still managed to walk at least 10 kilometres a day. Plus general milling around of course.

My spare time has been used working on a new returning hobby (yes, I know that's a very muddled phrase); I've started writing again!


After nearly a year with no new spanking stories my energies have been restored, primarily by my interview with Rollin and our correspondence that led to it.

I find that I'm bursting with ideas, and I come back from each walk with new ones.

I have a list of ten viable ideas, all of which excite me to the extent that I'm working on planning them out.

I have three fully plotted, and I've started actually writing the first one (which goes by the title of "Camp Fire Tales").

One thing I've found; writing is a muscle. It gets much harder to do it when I'm rusty. At my peak I can pump out easily in excess of 1000 words per hour, and most of them are pretty decent ones. Last night I slaved for nearly 2 hours to get out 650 words, although there were some bits that I was really pleased with.

It'll get easier as I write more; I quite like the idea that, while I'm stretching my body with my new interest in walking as exercise, I'm also stretching my mind.

Give it a month or two and you won't recognise me!

Uh. Of course only about 2 of you would recognise me anyway. (Hi you two. You know who you are!)

I promise to get the website review that I mentioned a few days ago up by Saturday at the latest, and I'll get questions out to the 2 pending interviewees as well (if you're reading this, I'm sorry for the delay).

So there you go.

Now we're all up to date, and I can go back to this damn story. We've just met Hiram (who isn't at all what you'll think he is), and he's about to stumble across our protaganists. Can't wait!

All the best


Sorry, no pictures today. No time to go and find them, I'm afraid, and I don't want to keep leaching off The Cameraman. There'll be some next time though.


  1. Hi Tim,

    How very exciting! I hope to read some of your work soon. Since your writing style on this blog is extremely clever and witty, I'm sure your fiction will reflect your talents.


    1. Many thanks for the support and the kind words. I did originally create this blog as another outlet for my fiction (I have a number of items available at the Library of Spanking Fiction, and some different but equally spanky ones at Fan Fiction too).

      Some of the early posts had stories included. I urge anyone who hasn't done so to check them out (yes, I'm still a whore for page views!)

      All the best


  2. When the muse is on your shoulder, Tim, pay attention. Write! She might not favor you tomorrow so do it today.

    1. Good advice my friend, but my Muse is solely responsible for giving me the ideas. The writing I do myself. As i've commented in a previous post I never really have writer's block as such but I do have i just can't be fucking bothered block.

      I'm pretty lazy really.

      Still, I can't resist some of these ideas and, by the middle of next week, I expect to be hurtling along at my usual rate.

      Unless I'm wrong of course.

      Hm. Can't hang around now - I'm off back to my story.

      All the best


  3. Looking forward to reading your stories!