Thursday, 20 June 2013

Just walking in the rain....

And thinking.

Shit. That's a bad habit. We don't want none of that round 'ere.

The thinking bit, obviously.

Still. Sit down. Take a deep breath. Take a good firm hold onto something permanent like. This one may be a little controversial.

Well then, where to begin.

I've been doing a fair bit of walking for fitness (9 kilometres yesterday - I would give you that in miles but my pedometer only does metric). Wasn't bothered today 'cos it's pretty dreary and damp out, but I needed cream for my coffee, and I had some frustrations to walk off.

So, out the door. Ipod in my ears - the great Clash album "London Calling", one of my all time faves. 4 minutes out and the rain comes. Not worth going back, as I was wet in moments. The only option then is to carry on; bought a pot of cream (disappointed sneer from shop owner who seemed to feel that an 83p purchase was a waste of his time - probably right), and kept walking.

My feet were pumping along to the beat in my ears but my mind wandered; I've listened to this album so many times over the last 30 years that I can actually hear it without being connected to a music source.

Left free to fly on fancies unconnected with reality, a thought struck me, like a crossbow bolt between the eyes; I rocked back on my heels, and stood, mouth agape.

I startled a small boy, who kicked a dog in protest. The dog yelped and pissed on a traffic warden. Obviously a worth while thought just for that.

A moment of genuine idealogical inspiration though.

I don't like female tops.

Now, as any of you who are regular visitors will know, I have no problem with girl on girl spanking. In fact, in so far as videos go, I could make a case for it being the most satisfying subset of our spanky fun time. You see both attractive bottoms (in every sense of the word) and tops.

I can't say that I have no problems with male tops, but, where I do, it's for an entirely different reason. I find them too arrogant, and paternalistic, and, I must confess, I get a bit jealous of the lucky fuckers! Getting to smack all of those attractive bottoms.

Still, there are male spankers that I like; David Pierson, Tom Cameron, The Cameraman and Mike the Dutchman amongst them.

Female tops though. Nah. Not a one.

I do like female switches. I have sessioned with female switches, and consider them the best of both worlds. Fun to spank, and fun to be spanked by.

This isn't limited to ladies that I have met. All of the many switching spankers out in video land are fine. I would list some of them, but there are far too many really, and I'd miss out someone who reads the blog, or a favourite of a blog reader or something.

Can't afford to offend the punters. Unless I really want to.

Anyway, list of switches. Not going to happen; if you come here often you'll have a good idea of who they are. My "Yearning" post would certainly give you an idea of some of them.

No. I'm going to concentrate on 2 particular ladies who give me the pip (yes, I'm English. Fucking deal with it, why don't you!).

They are, in no particular order (and they aren't the only two anyway) Veronica Bound of Punished Brats and Dana Kane.

There are lots of videos featuring these two ladies, and they both seem to be extremely effective disciplinarians. I've only seen Veronica spank girls, but she does it firmly and thoroughly, whilst Dana is clearly a mistress at reddening the bottoms of both men and women.

They are good at their jobs.

So why do I dislike them? Go on, I bet you've worked it out. Let's all line up and say it in authentic three party harmony.

They have nice bottoms and I want to see them spanked!

I love scenarios where the spanker becomes the spanked, and, going in, with these two ladies (and quite a few more) you know this is not going to happen.

Dana in particular is stunning; watching her snuggly clad bottom move as she administers the paddle or cane to a defenseless miscreant is breathtaking.

I want to see her over someone's knee! I'm not picky; male, female or indeterminate. Just get spanked already!

I know it's unbearably sexist but basically I want to see all women being spanked. I don't think it's their role in life, and I don't wish to demean or diminish them - I just like seeing women being spanked.

Almost as much as I enjoy spanking them.

And, for what it's worth, while I don't necessarily want to see it, I think that everyone should want to be spanked.

And now my mental rant has carried me back home, to dry quarters and a strong steaming cup of cream enhanced coffee.

That's the way to spend a walk.

Hey look, I got a blog post out of it too!

All the best


All images were borrowed from either Dana Kane Spanks (lovely site, with lots of images and samples - check it out) or Punished Brats (another great site, of which there is a full review somewhere on this blog); if their owners object to their use I'm happy to remove them

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