Thursday, 13 June 2013

Watch Out! Beware! Danielle Hunt's out there!

Good morning Spankiworld and welcome to Friday morning. A whole working week of blog posts. Impressed are you? You bloody well should be! I certainly am.

I'll be taking the weekend off, but I'm going to leave you on a real high, with a short post about one of my spanking heroes.

If you've lurked around this blog for any length of time then you'll be aware of my affection for the wonderful Ms Danielle Hunt; in what seems like no time at all she has exploded onto the spanking scene, and turned the Trinity of British Spankees into a Quartet of Spanked Awesomeness.

I have tried to arrange a spanking session with D on several occasions, but as yet our schedules have not quite synced up, but it's only a matter of time.

For now though I've posted an alert to all law enforcement agencies across the Spankiglobe, as I fear that, if allowed to run unchecked, Ms Hunt will take over the entire World! In response I recently received the following message:-

Dear Sir
I am deeply sorry to be bothering you on a weekend, but as you know crime doesn’t take a holiday, and criminals such as Miss Danielle Hunt {inmate number 011041991DH} don’t give us any peace then either. 

The Miami Police Department arrested Miss Hunt on a minor charge – littering – however the abusive language alongside the kicking and punching she gave my members of staff when we arrested her is why she’s still locked up in these fine United States. Put simply, we are not prepared to release her until we can be assured that Miss Hunt will be taught to follow the letter of the lawSo far, our attempts have failed miserably. The corrections officers have taken to giving Miss Hunt daily doses of the wooden paddle, we had even made one especially for this young rebel without a clue. The result of this is not a repenting and remorseful inmate, worryingly the result of this has been an even more brazen and sassy {just realized you Brits don’t use the term sassy… think cheeky and smug} inmate who takes pride in the fact that she feels she has beaten the system. She has also developed a notorious reputation amongst the other inmates as someone to be respected; she has others perform her prison chores and has earned the nickname ‘Knuckles’ as she fights the wardens.
This matter has is causing us a real headache down at the station, our egos have taken a real blow. We would like to extradite her back to England, where we can only assume she has a similar lack of respect for the boys in blue…or ‘pigs’ as she has taken to calling us. Put simply, until we have assurance that someone is willing to discipline this girl and change her wild ways, she will remain in the city jail.

Sheriff Jack Mulanax
Miami City Police Department – Institute of Corrections

As you can see out American friends have a serious problem that only we here in the UK can help with; arrange to see Danielle as soon as possible, and help to spank that naughty behaviour out of her. I'm certainly keen to do my bit, and I will be seeing the mischievious young lady just as soon as I can arrange to.

Danielle, I'm coming for you! I can't wait to see those wonderful bouncing cheeks reddening under my spanking hand.

All the best


All images are copywright Ms Danielle Hunt, and are  used with her full knowledge and permission. You can look D up on Spankeefinder, and her videos appear pretty much everywhere. I hope to have a report on a session with Danielle soon, and to follow that up with a full interview.

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