Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Look away now if you don't want to know the result - a spanking session with Tara Red

Good evening, Or morning, Or afternoon. Pick the one most appropriate to where you are when you read this.

Okay then; hope I didn't leave anyone out. In my efforts to make this blog a bit of the daily reading of every blog fan in the Spankiverse I will stoop to any depths to pander to your delicate sensibilities.

Apart from dropping the swearing of course.

And the crude pictures.

And the other stuff that I like and not everyone else will.

Um. Doesn't sound quite as good as I'd like. Perhaps I better move on to the reason that I called you all here today.

I recently celebrated my fiftieth birthday. As we are between permanent homes I said that I wasn't bothered about a present from my wife; I preferred to wait until we were settled, when I could have something for the new house. A lot of book cases perhaps.

A couple of weeks before the big day my wife surprised me by offering me £200 to book a spanking session. I had paid for my previous sessions out of money I had earned myself, but as I work from home our disrupted domestic situation meant that I had only been able to generate a trickle, and that had crawled back into the household budget.

I tried a couple of ladies who had sadly already been booked for the day (hi Fae and Danielle - we will get together at some point, I promise) and then I emailed Tara Red, a model who advertises on Spankeefinder, amongst other places. We had previously tried to arrange sessions on two separate occasions, but once I had to withdraw due to a family illness, and the second time she did, due to a work related injury.

We agreed a 90 minute switch session, and I emailed a plethora of role play suggestions. I confess that I got a little over-excited, and came up with about a dozen suggestions, often requiring costume changes as well.

We narrowed things down a bit; I requested a house wife outfit that could double as a Headmistress with the addition of a gown, and a traditional schoolgirl outfit for later. Tara promptly agreed, and ensured that I had directions to the venue (the same one that Winks used in my first session).

The day dawned, damp and miserable. Whilst my spirits were high I was incredibly nervous; my last session had been disappointing (more because of my expectations than anything else, I think) and I almost regretted having committed to another one.

I arrived at the agreed time and Tara welcomed me in. The room we were using had a comfy settee and living room section, along with a school desk and whiteboard off to one side. In it's centre was a coffee table entirely covered with spanking implements.

Tara was a delight; whilst she is in her early 40s her figure is that of a much younger lady, and she has a fiery shock of bright red hair. Her manner was welcoming, and, as she offered me coffee, she immediately placed me at my ease.

I explained my nerves, and she asked what exactly has disappointed me in my last session. She was keen to ensure she did not make the same mistakes that lady had. We talked about limits, and my lack of experience in role plays, and we agreed on a scenario for our first go.

This was to be a domestic scene; I was the slovenly husband who refused to put the top on the toothpaste tube, and preferred lazing around on the sofa to helping around the house. It was almost type casting! Tara as my wife had returned home from to work to find that, once again, I had failed to follow through on my promise to tidy the garage. She told me that her mother would have smacked her bottom if she had behaved as badly as I had. I mouthed off about her mother, and promptly found myself over Tara's rather shapely knee.

The conversation between us rattled back and forth as she spanked me over progressively less clothing, and finally used a slipper on me. My bottom was certainly steaming hot.

Ah, but during our conversation she had let slip that she has seen some of the girls at work looking at spanking porn, and I wormed out of her that part of the reason she had smacked me was to see what it was like. I felt it was only fair that she experienced spanking from the other side too, so across my lap she went, her short black skirt pulled tight against her splendidly rounded bottom. I set to spanking her, and matters progressed as you might expect.

This initial role play took about 40 minutes, and we relaxed for a brief discussion. Tara complimented me on my role playing skills (positive reinforcement is always good for a beginner), and told me that I could spank her harder if I wished. I didn't tell her that she could do the same!

She then put on her gown, and we ran though a Headmistress spanks (and slippers and paddles) the naughty sixth former. She placed me in various positions and ensured that my rump was stinging nicely.

Tara then dressed in her school girl outfit, and reported to the Headmaster with a note from her teacher regarding not paying attention in class, and not doing homework.(The note was one she found on the fireplace in the room we were using, but she quickly adapted it to our use). I started with her across my knee again (still by far my favourite position), and then across the desk, whilst I employed a number of her implements on her now brightly blushing bottom (including a genuine plimsoll that made a wonderfully satisfying whacking noise).

We completed the play (each segment had concluded with a resolution of the original issue, giving them a satisfyingly complete feel), and I admitted that I was quite worn out.

Tara had a wicked gleam in her eye, and a black leather crop type thing in her hands - I had used it on her a few minutes previously.

"Do you think you'd like to feel what this one's like? Trousers down I think, and across the desk." She warmed my bare bottom with this fiendish toy for a couple of minutes, and then proceeded to give me 50 hand spanks for my birthday (well, a few more than that actually).

We finished off chatting pleasantly as I rubbed a soothing ointment onto Tara's cheeks, and I assured her that the session had been all that I wished it to be.

It was a great way to spend my birthday morning, and Tara was a wonderful person to spend it with. She is great fun, and has a gorgeous bottom, combined with a wickedly hard hand. Her experience in role plays is wonderful; she guides the scene along with subtle hints and nudges that you only realise the significance of in hindsight.

I know that my sample is distressingly small, but I have no hesitation in saying that it was the best spanking session I've ever had.

Unfortunately it has left me craving another one, just as soon as we can get this house thing finally sorted out. Ah well, something to look forward to.

All the best


All pictures are of Miss Tara Red, and taken from her various adverts. If you're in the Midlands I really do recommend that you book a session with her but hurry - she gets booked up early!

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