Monday, 17 June 2013

A really lazy post (but, hey, look, pretty pictures!)

As you will have (hopefully) noticed, the last couple of days have been heavily biased towards the splendid Rollin Hand, and tomorrow I'll be posting one of my favourite of his stories.

In between I thought it might be nice to break things up with something a bit different.

Sigh. Okay. That's not entirely true. I was up late last night watching the football from Brazil, and early this morning to make my darling wife a roast beef sandwich on basil and tomato bread, to take to work for her lunch; then I took a 6 kilometre walk into Walsall (smallish town near where I live at present), to buy some acid drops.

Acid drops are sweets, by the way. Just in case you thought I might be confessing to taking hard drugs. they're sour, and biting, and likely to carve open the roof of your mouth if you aren't careful. They're also delicious and refreshing.

So I'm feeling a bit lazy; just can't be arsed to prepare a properly thought out post. You know, with the dazzlingly insightful commentary on our whacky world of spankiness that you've come to expect. Very, very occasionally.

But, luckily, to the rescue, masked like the Lone Ranger, rides my good friend, The Cameraman. He's recently granted me access to the latest in the group of websites that used to be run by Clare Fonda, so that I can prepare a review.

That will be coming along shortly, just as soon as I've fully watched all of the films offered. And recovered my strength from the excessive onanistic activities that they've prompted.

For now though, here's a brief pictorial preview of Spanking Veronica Works, starring the fabulous Veronica Ricci.

I urge you to study them from every angle.

Whew. Tiring isn't it?

Back soon with more spanky goodness.

All the best


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