Friday, 28 June 2013

The benefits of Pandora Blake

No, before anyone gets carried away, I'm not referring to any social security claims that Pandora may have made. I have no knowledge of such things, and, even if I did, it would be none of my business, or yours either.

No, the benefits I'm referring to are those that accrue to my blog every time that I mention Pandora in the title of a post; to wit, increased page views.

Simple statement of fact; each time that I use Pandora's name in the heading of a blog post my hits increase by roughly 50 percent.

It happened last week, when I blogged about Pandora's new free site, Darker Dreams (and yes, that is a plug; it seems to be the least that I can do since I appropriated the pretty pictures that adorn this post from her delightful main site, Dreams of Spanking). Page views were over 1000 for the first time since my unheralded return.

This post then is by way of being a very small experiment. Put Pandora in the title. Scribble a few idle thoughts. Jazz things up with some arousing pictures. Sit back and count the page views.

I will report back as soon as I can draw any conclusions.

I wonder what other buzzwords (or would buzznames be a more apt description?) would increase my numbers? I could consult the search terms most commonly used to reach my blog, and check out which older posts still get most viewings - there are a few that, if I charged for admission, would have put my kids through college. Or, at least, my cat in the cattery next time I have a long weekend away.

This is dangerously close to exciting.

I might even host a poll, so that many of you can be involved by ignoring it. "If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice" as Rush used to sing. And probably still do, if they ever play that song live now.

Well, there we are then. A scientific experiment of real merit/

Or not.

But another blog post completed, either way.

All the best


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  1. Gosh. I'm not sure how to interpret that, but I'm definitely flattered!

    Glad you liked the pics :)