Monday, 2 July 2012

Countdown to Spanking Heaven...Day 2 and counting

So, it's Monday, and on Wednesday I am meeting a professional spankee, for the very first time! This is something that I've fantasised about doing for years now, ever since I first came across the Spankee Finder listings on SF&R.

The lady that I'm seeing seems nice; I found her through the pages of the British Spanking Community, and she has a mass of nice comments on there, about her.

She's a somewhat more mature lady, which I find comforting, and she's more than happy to switch, so I can get my money's worth by experiencing both top and bottom. She has a room in a studio in Walsall, and her rates are very reasonable. And, yes, she does refer to it as her tribute, but no one's perfect.

In all fairness she isn't quite my first choice, but the divine Leia is based in London, and I'm not really up to that much travelling at the minute.

I've contacted a couple of professionals in the past, but never worked up the nerve to follow through; as my appointment approaches I find that, far from being nervous, I'm consumed with anticipation. Each night I go to bed with my head packed full of spanking scenarios!

I know that some of you out there would never dream of visiting a professional switch/spankee/spanker (I think that covers most of the possibilities) for various reasons, and that's fine. Equally I don't think that there is anything shameful in doing so. If I'm embarrassed it's only the latent embarrassment I still sometimes feel at being so fascinated by spanking.

I'm so confident that Wednesday will go well that I'm already talking to Danielle Hunt about a session at the end of the month; I love the idea of spanking a genuine superstar! (ah Leia, if only you were based closer to Birmingham. Sigh).

So, wish me luck my friends; Wednesday is the big day. Think of me at 11:00 as my hand smacks down on the a bottom, other than my wife's, for the first time in twenty years.

Yes, I had to sneak in a picture of Leia whilst I was at it
All the best


I'll report back after the event, of course.
All photos are from Sarah Gregory Spanking, purely because she does sessions in the US.

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