Monday, 9 July 2012

Spanking Heaven - a few last thoughts

So, I've now posted a fairly full description of my first ever paid spanking session, and I'm pleased to say that a decent number of people have read it.

Some of you have even responded to the poll! (On a side note, it's clear that I enjoy polls rather more than most of my readers do; I don't think that this will stop me putting them up though.)

I hate to continue to go on about one thing (do I bollocks! - I love to go one about the same thing. Why else would I write a spanking blog?) but I'd just like to leave you with a few final observations/conclusions. I'd love to get any feedback that you may have on them (blatant despairing bit of begging for more comments).

So, in no apparent order, I have the following:-

1. Spanking is a whole lot of fun!

2. I will definitely session again with a professional (later this month, actually, but more on that later).

3. There is something very freeing about paying for a service, and thus being in control of it. As Winks stressed numerous times, this was my time, and I should choose how I wished to spend it.

4. I suspect that, next time, having more idea of what can happen in a session, I'll plan out what I want to do in a bit more detail, including adding a simple role play (which I'm still unsure about, as an idea), and chance to try out the cane (from both sides).

5. Professionals can give and take more than us mere mortals. Well, more than I've previously experienced anyway. I both gave and got the spankings of my life (to date). I would expect to up both of these a little bit next time around.

6. I wonder how many would be spankers/spankees there are out there, with little or no opportunity to practice something that means a tremendous amount to them, who could be well served by seeing a professional.

7. I obviously can only speak for a very limited sample of one, but my pro was expert at putting me at ease, and relaxing my taut nerves. Arranging to see Winks took me several leagues outside of my comfort zone, but, once we met up, it became simple pleasure.

8. I'm really disappointed not to get Chrossed this week, not because I'm desperate for the attention (although I am a page view whore), but because I do think that there are any number of our tribe out there who might be tempted to take that step, and reach out to a professional, once they saw how easy it could be. But, as Chross himself said in an interview on this very blog, he selects the posts that interest him, and as an active spanker in a spanking relationship I guess this one wasn't for him. Still a shame I think; maybe an opportunity missed.

9. I'm very close to 100,000 page views, since October last year when I started this blog, and I'd probably we well past that figure by now if I hadn't taken nearly 2 months off earlier this year (I know, this has nothing to do with my spanking session, but I just wanted to mention it - as I said before, I really am a slut for attention).

10. I should point out that my report is not 100% verbatim; my memory isn't that good, even when I'm excited and happy. To be fair Winks checked it out and was pleased with it, but I missed out some stuff, and there was a lot more talking, mixed in with the spanking.

11. Spanking is a whole lot of fun! Did I mention that already?

Next up is probably a site review for Strictly English Online, and a short spanking story that will form the basis of the role play for my next spanking session. Or it may not. Time will tell and, guess what? So will I!

All the best


This article is lovingly illustrated by random pictures from Girl Spanks Girl - full review to follow shortly.


  1. Tim, this is a very insightful, well written series on a topic I have never seen covered like this before. Thanks for sharing. I hope many are reading and will comment.

    1. ello, my friend; thanks for the kind words. My numbers are up about 15%, so it does seem that this topic has struck some kind of a chord with people.

      More are always welcome though!

      All the best