Thursday, 12 July 2012

What? Third post today? And no spanking, you say

Just a gentle observation; taking advantage of one of those very rare dry days, my son and I have just spent two hours in our front garden, mowing, strimming, weeding and generally tidying.

Now I really hate gardening, and my son appears to have inherited the trait (although he's far more profoundly lazy than I ever was at his age).

We finished off, and whilst washing green strains from our hands we came to the conclusion that there are only three reasons to do the garden:-

1. it makes my wife happy, especially with my son who she's being pestering to do something practical before he goes back to school next week following exams (and then he breaks up for 5 weeks after 3 days at school!)

2. that indefinable sense of satisfaction at having actually achieved something tangible, and the sense that you've earned this beer (ice cold Extra Strong Oranjeboom if you're interested; very tasty)

3. a distant third - the garden looks much better.

Sorry to waste your reading time.

All the best


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