Thursday, 5 July 2012

Just the facts Ma'am - Spanking Heaven

So then, as you may have gathered from my brief message earlier, I met with my spanking partner yesterday, and had a truly wonderful and memorable time.

But let's start at the beginning, shall we? The boring set up stages.

I contacted Winks through the British Spanking Community. On the forum pages there is a section for Commercial notices, and the tone of Winks advert attracted me immediately. We exchanged personal messages, during which I gave a rough idea of what I was after (basic spanking, fairly light, largely hand OTK, and that I'd like her to wear trousers with something shiny underneath).

Winks gave me details of the venue (in Central Walsall near the train station) and the cost, and we agreed on a time and date. Winks offered to collect me at the station so that we could have a coffee and a chat before my hour began.

Yesterday morning, fairly early, Winks texted me to confirm we were on, and to tell me where to look for her when I left the station. My wife dropped me off on the Bristol Road, I got a bus to Birmingham, and the train to Walsall. All very easy.

I have the worst sense of direction around (and around and around, I wander looking baffled), so I left the station by the wrong exit; I still managed to zero in on the correct car park, and there was Winks and car.

Firstly I have to say that Winks is a lovely lady; she's around my age, petite and slim, with a nicely rounded bottom. She's chatty and relaxing. As we took the 5 minute drive to the venue we talked about Walsall and our roots, a little bit.

The venue looks like a derelict warehouse, and Winks confessed that we were not in her usual room, but instead a new room on the top floor a different block. It was one that she hadn't used before, and she didn't know what to expect. We entered and strolled up a winding set of stairs, before reaching a plain wooden door.

"This must be it. John said at the top of the stairs." Winks pushed open the door and peered in. "Wow!"

I followed her in, and found myself in an entirely authentic looking school room, with half a dozen wooden desks, and, at the front, a standard teacher's table. In the corner, behind a blackboard on an easel, was a little bucket full of canes.

To the left side of the classroom was a divider, and behind this lay the Headmaster's Study, complete with a couple of leather armchairs, a low pouffe, a leather desk and a round topped spanking horse.

The room was completed by another partition, and behind this lay a comfy looking two seater settee, a dining table and chairs, and a small kitchen unit. Off from this sat a tidy little bathroom, and we both took the opportunity to use the facilities.

It was still early, and Winks made us both a cup of coffee; we sat at the table and got to know each other. Winks asked about my experience (which is pretty limited) and was delighted that she was my first professional.

She confirmed that I wasn't interested in role play at this stage, but I did want to switch.

Winks stood up. "Okay then, this is what I've brought with me." She reached down and picked up a guitar case that she had carried from the car. Unzipping it she began to remove a selection of implements.

On the table she placed a bundle of canes, a thick leather belt, a rubber soled slipper, a split leather flogger, a wooden hairbrush and a pink leather paddle/flogger with a heart shaped hole in it's centre.

As she got them out she kept up a running commentary on them. "Serious things (canes), I run a mile from wood (hairbrush) rubber really hurts (slipper), the first implement I ever bought (the pink flogger)". Then she looked at me quizically.

"Do any of these take your fancy?"

I admitted that I was drawn to the pink paddle, and I tested it on my hand. Yeowch! It really stung.

Winks laughed. "She we got started? What would you like to do first?"

I said that I'd like to spank her over my knee, and Winks suggested we use the sofa. I sank into it's comfy cushions, and Winks arranged herself over my lap.

"You will tell me if I do something wrong? Or strange?"

Winks giggled. "Relax. Enjoy yourself."

I looked at the tight rounded bottom that lay before me, and placed my hand, palm down, upon it. Took a deep breath. Come on boy; this is why you're here. Hand raised, smack down.

I began spanking, doing the usual things; alternating buttocks, moving up and down the cheeks, the occasional slap to the centre of Wink's bottom. After a minute or two I stopped, and said, a little hesitantly

"Trousers down?"

"Of course." said Winks, bouncing to her feet. She undid her trousers and slid them to the ground, leaving her bottom covered by black nylon panties. Absolutely ideal!

Back over my knee, and another minute or two of spanking, before I quietly suggested pants down time.

"Go for it." Winks said, lifting her hips to help. I slid them down and admired the target.

"By this time when I spank my wife her bottom would be glowing pink. Yours is still white".

"Well yes, but through trousers and pants. Don't worry about it."

I spanked some more, with a bit more vigour. I couldn't believe that I had initially been worried about hitting too hard; my hand soon began to sting.

"Are you alright?" Winks asked. She had done so several times. "You can rest if you want to. Or try stroking my cheeks, top to bottom." I did this. "Ah. And try running your nails gently down them. It brings the nerves to the surface." I did this for a while and then started spanking again. I'd been at this for (I guess, as I lost track of time) 10 minutes or so, and I'd barely raised a blush.

I carried on for a few more minutes, with periodic breaks for stroking, and then I decided it was time to switch. I pulled Winks's panties back up, and she stood, pulling up her trousers.

I tell you what; this is running a bit longer than I expected. Let's call that the end of Part One; come back tomorrow for more startling revelations, and the conclusion to this cliffhanger (I used to write copy for 1930's film serials).

All the best


All pictures, once again, courtesy of Sarah Gregory Spanking

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  1. It's wonderful to hear that you had such a great time, Tim! And concerning the topic of hiring a professional spankee / spanker / switch which you mentioned in an earlier post: Ludwig has done that for his first experiences as well (with professional spankers, Ludwig started out on the bottom side even though he is a top because he wanted to know how a spanking feels like before administering one) and it turned out to be a great choice! You are absolutely right, paying a professional means that your requirements and fantasies are very likely to be met. And, as your report wonderfully shows, it doesn't mean that it has to be a somehow cold or soulless experience, either, if the chemistry is right. Pixie recently wrote a very good post about being a part of the kinky community and offering professional services at the same time, and how these two things go together for her. I'm looking forward to reading the next part of your report about your experience! :-)