Thursday, 12 July 2012

Cheating, polls and 100,000 page views

Okay I know, not the snappiest of titles; but, as those rather irritating adverts insist on telling us, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Although not in that order necessarily.
Pandora, of course; I don't think I've used this one before

So I'd like to begin with a big THANK YOU! to everyone who has ever stopped by here, and taken the time to read some of my scribblings. Or just looked at the delightful photos provided by any number of our wonderful video producers.
I really just like this shot; the expressions and the freckles

I hit the 100,000 mark yesterday; I still remember getting excited at reaching 1000, back in the dark (but oddly rather drier) days of last Winter. I'd like to say that I have a brilliant post prepared for you, to celebrate, but sadly I don't.
No comment necessary, I think. Pretty sure this is Cameron Dawn

You'll have to make do with this one.

Still, I really do mean the thank you. And a special one to my regular readers and followers; I may write this stuff for my own entertainment but I wouldn't keep doing it, and as often as I do, if you guys didn't keep coming back. I appreciate you using a portion of your valuable time on me.
A lovely old shot, probably from Richard Windsor's vintage blog

Are you sitting a little uncomfortably now? You should go and get a tissue; that was a pretty thorough arse kissing you got there.

(Did that break the mood? Oh well.)
Sarah Gregory, of course

The last poll, on spanking professionals, received the highest number of respondents yet. Still not all that many but, again, I am grateful for those of you who did answer. I can't draw any real conclusions from it, as I doubt that 18% of my readers are spanking professionals, although 3 of the 16 who answered were.
Audrey Knight, switch extraordinaire

I still enjoyed the poll though. There will be another coming up shortly. I will be toiling away in my workshop lovingly crafting the question and possible answers, sanding off the rough edges and varnishing their elegant curves.
Pixie, and the paddle

Last thing then; cheating. Pandora commented on my post about spanking openness that she wouldn't play with some one who was keeping their partner in the dark (go read her thoughts - they're very interesting, and extremely sensible).
An oldish AJR shot, looking stunning as ever

I hadn't thought about this in any detail, but it now occurs to me that my wife was right; you can cheat on someone without having sex. If something is important enough to you then indulging in it with someone other than your partner is certainly cheating.
If you don't know who this is, you haven't been paying attention. Leia, of course

Emotionally, even if not physically. If you get as much pleasure out of spanking as I do, then enjoying it with someone other than your partner, and doing it behind their back, is cheating. No two ways about it.

Of course, things are never quite that black and white; if you are in a relationship with a totally vanilla partner, who won't indulge in the smallest amount of spanking play, and they are aware of your needs, it is not unreasonable to look elsewhere for satisfaction. Is it?
And again, from a different, particularly attractive angle

The problem is that, if you find a regular spanking partner, this will almost automatically lead to the creation of an emotional bond, and the disruption of your current relationship. I think that a lot of us come to accept our needs, or to find we need to act on them rather more, a bit later in life; would you want to risk sabotaging a long term relationship?
The stunning and now ubiquitous Miss Danielle Hunt

This is where the spanking professional gives an invaluable service; if you are lucky enough to live in an area served by several of them you can see a different professional each time, reducing the chances of forming an attachment. Similarly the fact that you are paying for a service tends to provide a further cushion.

I know that none of this absolutely precludes the creation of an unhealthy bond, but it does reduce the chances.
Chloe Elise and Snow Mercy - two for the price of one.

There are also many different types and levels of emotional bonds; I find I have an attachment to the spanking models that I particularly like, and especially those I know read my blog or I have corresponded with. One of these I am planning to session with in late August. Does this place me at risk?

I don't believe that it does for three reasons:-

1. the model in question is in her early twenties, and any fascination I feel for her is unlikely to be returned

2. my wife is fully aware of what I'm doing, so it can't be termed "cheating" in the slightest

3. it is one hour of spanking play, and I am unlikely to see her again in the near future

Of course none of these things absolutely prevents me from forming a one sided (and distinctly unhealthy) attachment. Except for fear of me wife, mebbe.
Vintage femdom (because I am old, and a switch)

This isn't (and isn't likely to become) an issue, but I also feel that, if I were in a position to play or session with one of the models I've followed for longer (say, Pandora or Leia, strictly for example), so long as my wife was aware of what I was doing, I'd be okay. I'd enjoy the time, and come away glowing, and perhaps feeling that I'd made a friend (that is of course pure presumption on my part) but with no deep connection.

And it certainly wouldn't be cheating.

Any thoughts?

All the best


Pictures this time are a random assortment, mainly just showing my favourites, or maybe pictures that I particularly like, as this is a celebratory post!


  1. Cheating is in the mind of the cheater. Hard and fast rules aren't much help for cheating - you know when you're cheating. Something which would be perfectly okay with your partner if you told them about it becomes cheating if you hide it from them. It's different for everyone and your own conscience is the best guide.

    I do have sympathy for those who can't share their sexuality with their partners and understand their decisions, but couples who are open about not being able to provide for all each others' needs and needing to go elsewhere from time to time seem much healthier to me.

  2. The one you think is from Richard Windsor, may well be. It is a Kane image and is from an issue I don't have. It's the elder sister and the butler and is the third in the series of three "Bottoms up at Bedsyde Manor".

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