Monday, 16 July 2012

Website Review - Girl Spanks Girl

Hello again; I hope that the new week finds you well. I must confess to being just a touch under the weather this morning, although it is entirely my own fault.

We attended a BBQ at the home of some Iranian friends yesterday; the food was spectacular (including some marinated lamb fillet that may be nicest thing I've ever eaten, so tender that it fell apart in your mouth), drink flowed freely and we had a most strange phenomenon - strong sunshine with no rain.

All of which combined to leave me with sore feet (I  stood around talking a lot), acid indigestion (rich spicy food) and a glowingly sunburnt head. A great day though.

But now to the business at hand; a new Website review.

I'm sure by this time that most of you know of Clare Fonda's much lamented retirement from the spanking scene. Luckily her group of spanking sites have been left in excellent hands, as our good friend The Cameraman has now assumed total control.

With a little luck this will be the first of several reviews of his sites, but for now, let us consider Girl Spanks Girl.

Before I begin I must admit to a bias in favour of this site, for two reasons:-

1. The Cameraman has granted me free access in order that I might produce this review

2. I enjoy F/F spanking films more than any other, as I have detailed on this blog in the past.

So, having declared my interest, let us proceed; what do you need to know? Let's start with some basics.

As the title suggests this is a girl on girl spanking site; it's been around for several years so there is a mass of material available on it.

Membership costs £16.93 (US$24.95) per month on a recurring basis (there is an option for a one off 90 day membership for £37.29/US$54.95.  Payment is via the ever-reliable CCBill, and cancellation is straightforward.

There is a very nice preview feature for those considering membership, which gives you details of the latest update, and then presents a page for each of the site's three main sections (more on that shortly), with brief details and a couple of photos of each of the films that appear under them. It's well worth a look - there's some really hot stuff there.

Following this is a page showing the models who appear across the group of sites, along with a note of which  particular ones they appear on; I have already reviewed My Spanking Roommate on this blog. I think that this is a relatively new feature, although it may just be something that I missed in the past. Either way it gives a nice overview of who you can expect to see.

There are links from the page to each of the sites, some of which are pay per view download sites.

So, as a member what do you get? I'm terribly pleased that you asked that (or else I'd be just sitting here twiddling my thumbs - would twiddling my dick be a slang phrase for masturbating? Humph, well, must get on).

First of all there is the update page, which advises that the site is updated 7 days a week; it also gives some advice on watching the clips, which are now always presented as WMV files, although a number of the older ones are in the lower quality Realplayer format. It should be noted that there is an ongoing process of remastering these older clips into the higher quality format.

The rest of the site is split into three areas, based around the type of spanking that they show; erotic, sensual and disciplinary.

Let's take each one in turn.

1. Erotic - this is a group of around 55 films which all feature spanking in an erotic context. A lot of these spankings are nude on nude, and all of the clips feature a degree of lesbian sexual content. If this bothers you then you should probably skip this bit of the site - don't worry, there's lots in the other sections that you'll like.

The clips star a number of extremely attractive models  (many of the recent ones have either Alexis Grace or Veronica Ricci), and they are extremely entertaining, on several levels. I believe that most straight men are turned on by lesbian scenes (don't know why other than that there are 2 sets of lady parts rather than just one, but it is true), and I can recommend this section most highly.

Each film is downloadable in a number of parts, of varying sizes from 30 meg up to 180 meg. As might be expected the later films tend to be of a higher video quality, and this is reflected in the file size.

There is also a picture gallery for each film, with many (if not all) of the shots being video captures.

I should note that there are also smaller downloads available; when you go to the video page for each film, in addition to the "Full" part downloads (between 2 and 12, I think) there are a number of screen captures each of which conceal a small file for download. It does leave you with rather a lot of parts for some films but it is ideal for anyone with a slow or inconsistent internet connection.

2. Sensual - this is a group of around 35 films which feature generally fun spankings, with a lot of switching between the girls that star in them.

There are some extremely inventive clips here, such as Brokebutt Mountain, USO Wannabies and Wonder Blond.

Despite their essentially playful nature these are decent spankings, leaving the girl on the receiving end with a very red butt.

3. Disciplinary - the most self explanatory category, and easily the biggest, with around 60 films, some of which are very long.

As the title suggests this is the section containing hard punishments, including Snow Mercy's Aunt Bella films and the splendid Exclusive Education films. If you have any interest in school girl spankings you owe it to yourself to have a look at these - each one of the 6 films features around 10 school girls, all of whom are beaten several times.

This is the primary section that has benefited from the remastering of older films, and the new releases (such as the first three Exclusive Education videos) are crisp, clear and with crystalline sound. Very nice job to whoever is responsible for these.

So, altogether in excess of 150 films, ranging in length from around 5 to 60 minutes each. The filming is of a high quality and the plotlines are fairly inventive. The standard of acting is better than in most (although as always with amateur performers it's a bit uneven).

I've mentioned a couple of the girls who appear already, but to them you can add Clare Fonda, Lana, Ten, Sarah Gregory, Chloe Elise, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Alicia Panettierre, Alanah Rae, Kat St  James, Lily Anna and Amber Pixie Wells, to mention but a few of my favourites. There are lots more pretty girls here too.

The spankings are pretty severe, especially for an F/F site, although it does vary quite widely between films; there are quite a few nude spankings, and I think that all of them end up on bare bottoms. There are a lot of hand spankings over the knee (my particular favourite) but pretty much every implement that you can think of makes an appearance too.

In short, if you like F/F spankings you will like this site; if you like to see a bit of sex with your punishments then the erotic category will comfortably satisfy you, but if you prefer just disciplinary spankings there are plenty of them too, not to mention the more playful and fun spankings.

If you insist on men spanking women then steer clear; you won't enjoy this one (but there is stuff on other sites in the group that you will like).

The range, number and length of films, combined with the frequency of updates, and the overall quality, make this a very good option for your money; most of your favourite spankees will be here, and the spankings are very good.

It's a site that I've paid to join several times over the years, and I'm never disappointed by it; Clare's name on a spanking site is (for me) the sign of a quality product, with a lot of videos that I know I will enjoy. I do not see this changing with the new management; after all, the new boss shot most of this stuff anyway, and he certainly has an eye for a hot model.

If I graded sites I'd give this one a definite A; while I confess that My Spanking Roommate is slightly more to my taste it's a close thing, and there is masses of stuff here that I will come back to (if you'll excuse the phrase) again and again.

All the best


All photos are from Girl Spanks Girl (because to do anything else would be idiotic); I hope to bring you a full interview with the Cameraman shortly (once I've finished writing the questions!)
Please let me know if anyone is interested in a blog about the Exclusive Education series - I'd be happy to write one!


  1. Thanks for the review, Tim. Very fair. I would like to note that for the older scenes we used to use frame grabs, but essentially every scene from the last few years have always included mostly higher end stills taken at the shoots.

  2. A totally boring spanko site.

  3. I love clare fonda. Her sites are epic. I am curious as to why the reviewer perfers My Room mate. And I would like to know why the Anonymous man thinks the site is boring?