Sunday, 6 December 2015

What does spanking mean to you?

As you probably know by now, I don't usually post to this blog on a weekend; 4 days in the week, pretty regularly now, with an occasional bonus post when I have something special for you, is enough.

I'm not telling anyone who writes a blog anything new when I say that, whilst it's also a lot of fun, blogging frequently can be exhausting, especially when you spend time trying to come up with different, and hopefully, interesting material.

We do it because we enjoy it, and because, oh, we do so love those rising page view numbers.

None of which is a great start, as it's spectacularly off topic.

What does spanking mean to you? Me, I've described it variously as my hobby, my obsession, my reason for living, my chief source of sexual arousal, the reason we go through so much kitchen roll and an unalloyed joy.

I was chatting with a delightful lady the other day, one whom I've met through this wonderful wired in world of spanking, and she said something, deceptively simple, that took a while to sink in with me.

She's a professional lady (not like that, dumbass!), and she works long hours at a demanding job; she's self employed, driven and successful.

What she said to me is this; "spanking is my fun."

In the midst of a pressured exhausting lifestyle, she finds time to spend playing spanky games, because it's fun.

And, y'know, it is, isn't it?

When I named this blog "A spanking good time", that was what I was getting at. For me, and for many of you, I guess, spanking is a good time. Whether you use spanking as sexual foreplay, whether (as for me, most of the time) it is an entirely satisfying experience that may arouse me but is enough of itself without actual sex, or whether it's about the pain, and the emotional release that it can bring, spanking is fun.

I said above that I've called it my hobby; it's an activity that I happily spend time on, that takes me away from real life and allows me to relax. Sounds like a hobby to me. If you do your hobbies properly, well, yeah, they're fun.

Spanking has another benefit that not all hobbies share; while you can have a fun spanking experience on your own, through pictures, videos, stories and just the use of your imagination, it's an activity that's at it's best when shared.

I genuinely envy those of you that are in happy spanking relationships with your partner/spouse/lover. That must be wonderful. I don't have that; my wife tolerated spanking when we were younger, but has grown away from it, as I've become more fascinated by it.

Luckily there are ladies out there who, for a reasonable fee, will help keep your spanky dreams alive. Every now and then you may also just be lucky enough to encounter a spanky partner you can just play with for the mutual joy of spanking.

I don't tend to be the sort of person who talks out their troubles; I bottle my shit up, and I know this isn't healthy, but, y'know, fuck it, I'm English. Stiff upper lip and all of that. I think we're getting better but it's hard to argue that we aren't pretty emotionally repressed, as a country.

Going on a spanking date changes everything for me. I relax, I play different parts, I lose myself in spanking and being spanked. I come away from a meeting with a spanking partner emotionally lighter; however grim the rest of life may be, for that brief interval I am happy.

No, more than that; I am content, at peace with myself and the World. Spanking is my fun, in the deepest fullest sense.

I know spankos who feel guilty about seeing non-partners to play. Well, boy, that ain't me. I love the whole thing, the sensations, the emotions, the pain (although not too much), and the release.

It's not a sexual release, I should add. I rarely become more than slightly aroused whilst actually spanking or being spanked. The emotional catharsis of the experience tends to take precedence. Yeah, and that fun.

I do find this a little odd; spanking, as an idea, always arouses me. I look at spanking videos, and become very aroused very quickly. Good spanking pictures can do the same. To an extent, spanking fiction can too, although I do have a tendency to become obsessed with the quality of the writing, which distracts me a bit.

Anything spanking related makes me hard, except actually spanking. The memory of playing is sexually exciting, the anticipation of a play date even more so. 

None of this matters though, because spanking is my fun. It gets me through the day; it's healthier and cheaper than alcohol, and if anything, it does the opposite of making me fatter.

Well, I've heard that a writing a blog is all about baring your soul, and you can certainly see mine here without the benefit of x-rays. 

Spanking is my fun. Is it yours?

All the best


PS I've just thrown in a few pictures from Mike's Real Life Spanking, for those of you who were getting bored with all of the rambling words. Please enjoy them.

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