Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Oh, let's just call it, why I like.....Lottie Kinsade

You! Standing at the back, with your hands in your pockets. No, no, don't look away. I'm talking to you.

How long have you been coming here? Are you an old time fan, or someone who has found my spanking happy place quite recently?

It doesn't matter which you are; all are equally welcome. It's just that the title of this post will make more sense if you've been around for a while. Or read through my archives, I suppose.

Anyway, Top Stuff has been retired, for the time being at least, to be replaced by the much missed (by me anyway) Why I Like series; it's more inclusive, and I can talk about tops, bottoms, switches or Appalachian sheep herders, as I see fit.

Let's start with a lady I'm far too late to find, the lovely Lottie Kinsade.

I recently discovered her when cataloging Northern Spanking films, but she was a fixture there for some years, starting in 2009. She also appeared in a number of the early episodes on Spanked in Uniform, our good friend Mike the Dutchman's second site.

What do I know about her? Not masses, in all honesty. She clearly loved spanking, and was involved in sessioning. She wrote spanking stories, and you can still find some of them posted on her story blog .

So far as I can tell Lottie retired from spanking activities (at least in public) in 2013, when she found that she was pregnant. She had more or less retired once before this, but that time she found her way back to us.

Lottie has cool blonde Germanic good looks, and is a nice actress, with a lovely bottom. I'm not sure that anything else is required really. She has a quality that I find very attractive, without actually knowing what it is.

Anyway, she has left us a legacy of around 40 spanking films on the two sites (if anyone knows of any other sites that she appeared on please let me know), so here are some screen captures from Spanked in Uniform, and a few shots from her galleries on Northern Spanking. All of the films on both sites are worth checking out.

Ladies, gentlemen and alpaca herders, please sit back, relax and enjoy the Lottie Kinsade Picture Show.

Mike spanks Lottie
Steven spanks Lottie
I think we can assume that Lottie is the common denominator here
Left handed spanking from Leia-Ann
Just for variety, Lottie spanks Amy (who looks rather happier about it!)
Lottie spanked by Paul - I do like to vary these spankers you know
Time to check in with Mike again
I'd hate Mr Lewis to think I wasn't going back to him
Lovely classic OTK pose
Ah, about time the fairer sex got back into the act again. Welcome, Lucy
Amy, an unpleasant looking strap, and a lovely looking bottom
Trust Steve to barge in again
Doesn't really matter who's spanking in this one
Ah, you can't keep a good Dutchman down
And he's especially handy with a cane
Lottie's bottie (yes, I am entirely shameless)
You can't beat a nice bottom (oh, you know what I mean)
Bonus appearance by Ireylnn
I think Advertising Standards insist I finish with a bare bottom piccie
And I hope that all of that has given you some idea why I like Lottie Kinsade.

If you're out there reading this Lottie, please drop me a line, to let us all know how you are, and what you're doing now.

All the best


Pictures, rather self evidently in the circumstances, come from Northern Spanking and Spanked in Uniform, two of my favourite sites.

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  1. Great shots of Lottie being spanked in shorts and a checked minidress. This model is very aware of her long legs and she looks stunning.