Sunday, 13 December 2015

Lots more of lovely Lottie - EXCLUSIVE!

Well, as I hope you remember, a couple of weeks ago I posted a little article about the lovely and sadly retired Lottie Kinsade.

It was quite a popular post; with added assistance from a following wind commonly referred to as Chross, it got 5763 page views. Well, it had that many when I sat down to write this, but it's probably a bit higher by now.

One of those readers was a very kind gentleman by the name of Roy Tersley, who, it just so happens, has taken a number of pictures of some of our favourite spanking models, often at the beginning of their spanking careers.

In May 2006, when Lottie was just 19 years old, he took a series of pictures of her, with the intention that they would form the basis of an article in Janus. In the end though they were never submitted.

That's clearly a shame, as it would have been lovely to see Lottie in the world's best spanking magazine.

Just as every cloud has a silver lining (oh, come on, you've got to let me get away with the occasional cliche - thinking up new stuff is hard work, you know) this does have a benefit for all of us here now. Roy has agreed to let me post these pictures on this very blog.

So, you get the chance to see a whole series of photos of this beautiful young woman, that have never previously appeared in a magazine or on a website. This is an EXCLUSIVE!

Hmm. Do you think I should have led with that? Big heading at the top of the blog? Well, I did do a bit of that.

Please remember that these images remain copyright Roy Tersley, and are reproduced here solely thanks to his generosity. 

So, on to the snaps then, ladies and gentlemen.

The schoolgirl, with just a hint of knicker peeping out
Contemplating the hairbrush
Summoned to the Head's Study
Looking pensive
I don't think that she's here to be awarded a trophy
Why always me? 
Music hath charms to soothe the savage Head?
There's no escape though
Where every naughty girl should end up
A little pink tinge
School girl regrets
Lottie's lovely bottom, in the mirror
Just what she deserves
And that's why she should behave herself
I'm sure that she's learned her lesson
Ah. She's been naughty again then. Some girls never learn.
I'm sure that you'll agree there are a lot of beautiful pictures there. I particularly liked the black and white version of her bending over the desk, and peering back at her punisher, and the one of her looking back over her shoulder as she holds her caned bottom, still defiant.

I can honestly say that I am proud to have the chance to present these images to you, for the very first time. 

Once again I'd like to thank Roy for presenting this opportunity to me; he is clearly a very talented photographer, and I'm wildly pleased that he got the chance to capture the precocious beauty of Lottie when she was just starting out in the spanking life.

If you like these pictures please leave a comment; I hope to have the chance to present some pictures of a couple more of our spanking stars, in the early days of their careers, and it would be great to get a little feedback from you.

Well, until we meet again.

All the best


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  1. Every naughty girl (and woman) should, indeed, end up with their end up. Lovely photos, and many thanks to you and the photographer for finally getting them shown!