Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The OTK files - Spanked Cheeks

A couple of weeks ago I did a little post about the adorable Andi Switch, based around her appearances in Northern Spanking films. One of my very kind and attentive readers reminded me that she also appeared in some of Sam Johnson's clip store films, one Shadowlane film, and several for Spanked Cheeks.

I have a good number of the Spanked Cheeks films on my hard drive, so I had a troll through them, to look for Andi's appearances. I found a few, but I also just had a good time looking at the clips. So good a time that I have decided to share some lovely OTK piccies with you.

Spanked Cheeks is one of a group of spanking and fetish sites, most of which are F/M, and including Vixen Ladies and Lina's House of Discipline. In fact, Lina stares in a lot of these films, and I think I first joined the site to try to find videos with Lina being spanked in them.

Sadly I failed in this goal, although I have seen a couple of stills that suggest such films do exist (I'd still love to see them if anyone knows where they can be found).

There are a lot of hot women getting spanked here though; are you ready to take a look, through my jaundiced eyes? 

Take a seat; it's OTK files time again!

Ah, I love a red headed spanker
Sam Johnson spanked
And again (this time by Jadie Reece)
Dunno who either of these are, but she's hot
About time Lina arrived, here spanking Sarah Stern
Insanely sexy Sam spanks
Lina spanks Leia-Ann part one
Pandora looks wonderful in these jeans
Policewoman Lina spanks (isn't impersonating a police officer grounds for a spanking?)
I don't know who Lina's spanking here, but she looks great in that orange thing
Lina spanks Leia-Ann part two
Lina spanks the spectacular Andi Switch
Lina spanks Sarah (yes, again!)
Lina spanks that blond girl again
Lina spanks Dani Hunt
Different film, same bottom - we really haven't seen enough of Dani around here recently
I really must do a post highlighting ladies spanked in jeans
Nicely reddened bottom
Sarah must have been naughty; Lina's spanking her again
Lina spanks Sam; lovely clean classic pose
Lina spanks Leia-Ann part three
Lina spanks Leia-Ann part four
Same film, different bottom; Andi's turn
Sam looks really good as a spanker (she feels nice as one, too)
Schoolgirl Jenna spanked in front of her mum
Lina always blames the parents; mum doesn't escape a good spanking either
Ah look, Dublin's very red rump!

I'm afraid that all we have time for; well, it's all that I have the energy to gather up and post anyway. These seemingly effortless comments don't come easily you know, unlike me after looking at these films.

Oops, that just slipped out. Can't believe I let that get through my internal censor. 

Anyway, as I'm sure you gleaned, all of these screen grabs come from the films of Spanked Cheeks, which are a pretty fun bunch. Don't take my word for it though - why not spend a few minutes checking them out?

All the best


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