Thursday, 3 December 2015

Video of the Week - Schoolgirl Slippering (Dreams of Spanking)

This time my video of the week is a little different; usually I urge you to check out the site I've drawn it from, but in this case I can't.

Not, I hasten to add, because I don't think the site in question is worth a look, but because. sadly, it's not currently available. The site is, of course, Pandora Blake's Dreams of Spanking, which is currently on hiatus due to the bastard censors who claim to represent the people of my country.

I won't bore you with further explanations of the inequalities and lack of sense of this legislation, but suffice it to say that it unfairly targets small producers, porn aimed at women and our own fun little games.

Whew. I'll take a deep breath before I continue.

I like this film for three reasons I think:

1. it is simple but intense
2. there is a wonderful realism to the scene
3. girls being slippered really turn me on

The film opens with schoolgirl Pandora waiting nervously for a meeting with her Head Teacher, the wonderfully authoritative Thomas Cameron. He tells her that her behaviour has been disgraceful; she has been selling booze to younger girls.

He could expel her, or instead she can accept traditional discipline, which is 12 slaps of a bloody big plimsoll. Pandora accepts the latter, and receives 12 ritualistic whacks. She stands, rubbing her bottom, and inadvertently swears. 

She is forced to bend back over the table, and this time her skirt is raised for another 12 powerful thuddy smacks, which she has to count out.

Punishment over she rubs  her sore bottom and leaves the scene.

Simple story and, in this day and age, pure fantasy, but due to the skills of the performers this seems very real. The scene is carefully shot, and everything is very clear (as usual, any blurriness is purely the fault of my screen grabbing).

This film hits any number of my buttons, and I still love to see Pandora being spanked; she's been a good friend to this blog but even so I still adore seeing that pained expression as the slipper whacks home once more.

So, as you may well expect (well, you're here, aren't you?) it's time for a plethora of punishment pictures, courtesy of Dreams of Spanking, and let's all hope Pandora is able to resume operations soon.

Pensive Pandora
Authentic school uniform
And her's the Head
They discuss Pandora's inappropriate behaviour
Pandora is a little nervous now
Mr Thomas guides her towards her fate
He pushes her into position
Pleasantly placed for the plimsoll
Preparing to punish (yep, I overdo the alliteration)
Pre-punishment rub
Rather more than nervous now

First whack falls
Second whack
Ready for another
The plimsoll arrives
And again
Pandora's reaction
Another meaty slap
Thomas is entirely convincing
This is beautifully framed
He gets a decent swing, doesn't he?
The result of the swing
Oh look, it's bounced off Pandora's bottom
Our final scheduled whack
The result at one end
And at the other
I love to see a saw bottom being rubbed
The sting makes Pandora swear
Back in position, only a bit more exposed
Ah, rosy pink cheeks
Wow, that's gotta hurt!
And that one too
Not to mention that one
Yeah, they certainly do
A pink cheeked close up
A little bit tender
Just rubbing the pain away
One final shot
I doubt that the stills really give more than a flavour of the film, and why I like it so  much; the thwack of the heavy plimsoll as it lands on Pandora's adorable bottom, the authentic schoolgirl feel and the real anguish on our hero's face as the plimsoll smacks across her bottom, all contribute, for me.

As I said at the top of the post, if this video isn't already on your hard drive then the chances of seeing it, in the short term are pretty slim. We can only hope that Pandora triumphs over the Evil Empire, and we get to see the full glory of her work once again.

That'll do for now, lad.

All the best



  1. You have been nominated for creative blog of the year! You know I voted for you.:) xoxo

    1. Hi Veronica; yep, I'm really pleased and spectacularly surprised. I'll gratefully accept any and all votes. Theer are some great blogs there though.

      Luv Tim xxx

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  3. Ah, I love this film too. I'm a big fan of authentic school uniforms with baggy jumpers (although I hate the slipper!) Thanks so much for the feature :) Hopefully Dreams of Spanking will be able to open its doors again in 2016!

  4. Pandora looks authentic and exciting with her short skirt and white knickers. Her cocky attitude makes her very deserving of the slipper.