Thursday, 10 December 2015

Video of the Week - Cassie's Audition (Institute of Discipline)

Well, I don't know where in the World you are, but here in the middle of Britain it's wet and miserable. Not cold enough for a little seasonal snow, but chilly enough to strike to the centre of your bones.

Oh, I bet you wish that you were here!

Anyway, welcome to my usual Friday post, and another Video of the Week. This is from our old friends at the British site Institute of Discipline, and features Katie Stricktland, testing out a new potential spankee for one of her sites. The girl in question is called Cassie.

Except, of course, she isn't. IoD have a habit of changing the names of the ladies that they feature (when I asked the lovely Princess Paris why they had renamed her as "Lucy" she said that they told her she just looked like a "Lucy"); we have seen this lady before, under the name of Amanda Ackroyd.

In all honesty it was only when I came to prepare this post that I realised I had seen her before. This is a bit ironic as one of the charms of this film is Amanda's facial expressions.

Anyway, on to the film, which is unusual for this series as it has very little in the way of plot. Cassie turns up for her audition spanking, goes over Katie's knee for a firm spanking, and then bends over a horse for a very sound slippering.

What makes this film for me is Cassie. As you may recall from my review of her film Vengeful Parent Spanks Teacher, posted a few weeks ago, I am a big fan of this lady. She's lovely to look at, and has a wonderfully round, slightly plump and very spankable backside.

Watching this film she plays an inexperienced spankee, and the severity of her audition punishment seems to come as quite a surprise, to judge by her reactions to it. She gasps, wriggles, covers her mouth and swears.

One thing; just glancing at this film I thought that the slippering, in particular, was quite a prolonged one, and certainly a real bottom stinger as Katie hammers home the ballet shoe style slipper again and again. Now it actually appears that the film presents three different angles on the same punishment.

It certainly leaves Amanda with a stinging red bottom though! And so to some pretty punishment pictures.

Cassie's bottom
Katie, our punisher
Cassie across Katie's knee
Cassie getting spanked
Very shiny panties
Panties down 
It's not too bad, just yet
That one stung though!
Quite red already
Not yet red enough for Katie though
She'll try to change that
In fact, she's quite dedicated
That's enough of that
A little relief
Time for a good slippering
Good whacks
Certainly making an impression
Shiny knickers and stinging slipper
Pursed lips; she felt that one
She got them bare bottom blues. Well, reds
Yes, definitely reds
Another juicy smack
A bit stingier than she expected
No point in praying; Katie doesn't listen
See, I told you
Cassie's still feeling them
Just take a deep breath
Eyes to the skies
And the beat goes on
Checking she's done a good job
Looks well spanked to me
Very well spanked
Well, that went well
Panties back in position
Definitely deserves a rub
I think that the very simplicity of this film appeals to me; no messing about, just over Katie's knee and the spanking begins. Katie is fierce and strict. Amanda/Cassie (I know, I haven't been able to decide what to call her) is a lovely spankee, and her expressions are wonderful.

I'm not sure if this was early in Amanda's spanking career, and the level of the punishment genuinely surprised and hurt her, or whether she just acts very well, but her expressions throughout are worth the price of admission alone.

I love OTK spankings (go one away with ya! Do you really?) and the slipper holds a real fascination for me. Great film, with two splendid ladies.

That's all we have time for this week; Monday I intend to resume our series of spanking stories, and there should be another interview posted next week as well.

All the best


All pictures are my screen grabs from the splendid Institute of Discipline film; they have some of the best slippering and caning films around, in my opinion. Why not check them out?


  1. Katie is fierce and strict?
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