Thursday, 17 December 2015

How about something just a bit different? Chelsea Spanks

I'm getting just a little bored with having the same type of posts on the same day each week; it's probably because I have the attention span of a blonde dormouse (who are, as a group, most frequently voted the likeliest animal to forget to finish a complete sentence), and I have to write the damn things, y'know.

So, inspired by the wonder that is the perennial Chelsea Pfeiffer, I bring to you the first part of the Chelsea Spanks chronicles. Now that may require just a little explanation.

As you probably know, Chelsea runs two spanking sites; Good Spanking Classics, featuring older videos, and Good Spanking, which unsurprisingly focuses on more recently shot spanking stuff.

One of the features on both of these sites, although appearing much more often in the recently shot material, are Chelsea Spanks videos. They have no plot; it's just Chelsea spending 20 or 30 minutes spanking a particular young lady.

Each clip features a brief intro, then the girl goes over Chelsea's knee, and the spanking begins. Mostly they have a similar format; spanking over clothes, on panties, and then bare bottomed. Then we get a range of implements, such as hairbrush, various paddles, floggers, straps, canes and birches.

The length of each segment varies, although in the vast majority of cases the implements are applied to bare bottoms. The girls often end up totally nude, and then we get to see their thoroughly punished posteriors.

All of the girls spanked take prolonged and firm punishments, but the mood is generally very light hearted, with a range of ladies who clearly enjoy corporal punishment. 

Being the lazy old sod that I am, on Monday morning I spent around 2 hours wandering through these videos, and grabbing a whole bunch of screen captures, which I placed into 5 different files.

I will, for the next few weeks, present these one at a time, bound together by the usual bunch of whaffly bullshit, so as to entertain me, if no one else.

What are the files, I hear you ask (which is a damn good trick, given that you won't be reading this until several days after I type it, and, well, you're not here in the room with me)? I shall enlighten you.

1. Spanking over clothes
2. Spanking over panties
3. Spanking the bare bottom 
4. Spanking with implements
5. Spanking - the aftermath

So then, 5 posts over 5 weeks, loosely speaking. I don't suppose that I'll  bother to post one on Christmas day.

I believe that I've kept you here long enough, without a little visual stimulation to pass the time. As I'm a kind old cove, at heart, I shall leap to rectify that immediately.

All pictures are my amateurish screen grabs from films currently presented on Chelsea Pfeiffer's Good Spanking site, which I recommend unreservedly (although, I have to confess, I kind of like Good Spanking Classics a little more).

Time to get down to the nitty gritty. Um. Well, the pictures.

Abigail Whittaker
Amelia; showing unusual restraint, just the one picture of her this time
Alex Reynolds
Alexis Steele, who went for the "straight to paddle" option
Amy Hunter
Carolyn Reese 
Dani Daniels (FHS were only the first site to film her spanked by a man, not spanked at all)
The magical Dia Zerva (well, I adore her)
January Seraph - oddly named but gorgeous
Kat St James
Molly Matthews
Natalie Minx
Sarah Gregory in shorts - an alliterative delight
An all-time favourite - Snow Mercy
Sophie Nova - it'd be nice to see that bottom in a close up
Ask and you shall receive (yep, talking to myself here)
Ten Amorette
Veronica Daniels
Y'know the thing that strikes me the most about these screen shots? How much of a good time everyone seems to be having. You don't often see that many smiling faces in spanking videos.

Don't get me wrong; I love the roleplaying films, where the girl being spanked has to grimace and groan from the very first smack. It's just that these candid things are a bit more honest. The ladies being spanked are certainly receiving payment for their pains, but they're enjoying themselves too.

Just like we are.

These twenty or so pictures don't represent all of the ladies who Chelsea Spanks, by a long way. And, as we go on, you may notice that each of these ladies does not necessarily appear within each category. There's a lot of choice out there.

I hope that you enjoyed our premier Chelsea Spanks post; four more to go, and I might just do a bonus Chelsea Spanked post to round things out. If you're all very lucky. Perhaps you'd better write to Santa.

All the best



  1. Very enjoyable set of photos. I recognize most of the spankees. Attractive selection. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

  2. I like the shot of Ten Amorette in jeans. She normally has bare legs, but she still looks good here.

  3. Great image of Dani Daniels being spanked in her hot pants.