Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The OTK Files - Real Life Spanking Part 1

Well, it's that time of the week again; OTK spanking time, for all of you aficionados of fine over the knee spanking action.

Surely that's everyone? Well, every spanky one anyway.

This time our visit to the depth of my hard drive leads us to Holland's premier spanking site - the wonderful Real Life Spankings. As you probably know this site is one of three run by Mike the Dutchman, along with Spanked in Uniform and Bars and Stripes.

This is the simplest of the sites, in that each clip features a naughty girl (or sometimes two) in a real life situation; their sins are listed and they are spanked, as simple as that. 

On paper this sounds a bit repetitive, but it really isn't. For one thing Mike manages to find a continual stream of wonderful ladies to spank. They are all lovely, and you can find pretty much any body type or hue of skin. The majority of these girls don't turn up anywhere else, but most of them visit Mike time after time.

This may be a strange thing to say, but Mike is a genial spanker; whilst he can be strict when it's needed, he comes across as chatty, and interested in the girls. He seems like the kind of guy who'd buy you a pint, and who you'd enjoy drinking it with.

Anyway, whilst Mike uses a variety of implements, and any number of things to bend the girls over, his knee also features frequently. I think we should probably have a look at a few examples of his work, don't you?

Here then, presented in alphabetical order ('cos that's the way I saved them as I made the screen captures) are a bevy of lovely ladies over Mike's knee, getting well deserved spankings.

Alicia (just to cause as much confusion as possible)
For some variety, Danielle spanks Monique
Dani carries on spanking (hey, that would have been a good Carry On film)
Monique gets her own back
At some length (I love this film)
Dani gets it from Mike
Julie (no, she's not really headless)
The most gorgeous Dutch spankee ever - Leandra
She looks lovely from this end too
But let's concentrate on the business end
Sammie - my second favourite RLS girl, and the cheekiest girl in Europe
Sammie again - and her bottom is only part of the reason that I adore her
Well, that's enough for one post; I don't want to drive your spanky juices to boiling point. 

This selection only hints at the number of wonderful and well spanked girls that are featured on Real Life Spankings; each of these girls, and many more, can be seen in multiple films. At present I believe that there are around 1400 films available for download.

I love the simplicity of the site, and I just love the whole atmosphere that Mike creates. Why not check out RLS; it's very well worth your time and money.

All the best


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