Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Why I Like...Snow Mercy

What ho, old chap! Jolly nice day, eh what?

Bah, fuck it, I can't even do fake 1900's upper class properly. I am distinctly lower class, I'm afraid. Actually, I'm not unhappy about that, at all.

Onwards; to the meat in this pie.

Model appreciation time again, and today I give you the haunting Los Angeles based domina, Snow Mercy.

What do we know about Snow? She is a professional dominant, although not afraid to experience the bottom side of life, and a model/actress who is also knowledgeable about the technical side of filming.

Snow is 5 foot 11 inches tall, has porcelain skin, and naturally dark hair. She is slim and lovely to look at.

She has been around the scene for some years, but I am only aware of her appearing in videos for Shadowlane and the Clare Fonda group of spanking sites.

She has both topped and bottomed in several splendid clips for My Spanking Roommate, including the one and only entry in this blog's "My favourite scenes" series. (There will be more of those soon, I promise. Oh, are my fingers crossed behind my back? Maybe).

What makes Snow special? She's a cool sort of jazz; her face has a still quality, even though she's articulate and a very good actress. She seems somehow removed and serene, whilst still participating to the full.

As a top she is stern; her lap beckons the naughty girl to lie across it, and her petite but powerful hands fall like a buzz saw at a lumberjack contest. She sits very straight, her thighs at a perfect right angle to her torso, heels together and feet facing forwards.

As a bottom she wriggles delightfully, her dark hair bobbing around. Her backside is finely sculpted, round and receptive, almost aching to glow like a long late spring sunset. Her arms stretch forward, hands arced and clawing at the air.

Snow has a certain elegance, whatever she is wearing, whether it's a white blouse and business like skirt, or a ridiculously skimpy gold top and leopard skin briefs.

Even in bunny slippers she looks magnificently appealing.

More so than any other model I've seen she has an indefinable quality, that makes any video she appears in compelling watching, whether she's giving or receiving.

Another one on my list of models that I'd love to meet (and spank, but that goes pretty much without saying, I guess).

All the best for now


Pictures provided by Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate and Shadowlane


  1. I have been a champion of the Snow Mercy cause for some considerable time!

    I shall be placing a review of a film I viewed with her from Shadowlane pretty soon, she has done some great films there too as well as Clare's sites!


  2. Hi Tim,
    Thank you for such a wonderful review and for your support! It's feels so good to have my work noticed! One day I hope to meet you.

    Please add my Facebook and to keep up with all my projects!

    Snow Mercy

  3. As someone who has filmed (and even spanked) Snow I support your excellent review 100%. Snow is an all time great!!!

  4. I got my bare bottom spanked by Snow last year. WOW! I've never been to a dom who can go so long with her hand and every spank is VERY hard and the temp is very fast. None of this 10 seconds between spanks crap that you get from so many doms. Also, she concentrates on one cheek at a time for 30 or 40 swats before going to the next. The result is a really sore bottom. At one point I counted 700 hand spanks in a row. UNBELIEVABLE!

    But the really surprising part was when I was standing up for a bit of a break and reached around to give her bottom a little squeeze. No dom has ever reacted to that before, but Snow immediately grabbed me, pinned my arms down and spanked me fast and hard probable 3-400 times. And those were harder spanks than before. I really felt like mom was giving me a real punishment spanking. Then when she wielded the paddle or the hairbrush (particularly the paddle) it hurt like hell.

    I have to say, this was by far the most realistic spanking I've ever gotten from a dom.

  5. I don't often get to play but I am a spanking fetishist and Snow Mercy is a wonderful person and wonderful spanker. She put me over her knee at "The Dominion" in LA where she worked for many years as a favorite Dominatrix of that wonderful place. She is a complete person, down to earth, and a great professional. Her FetPacK sisters are Hudsy Hawn and Nikki Rouge are wonderful too. FetPack T-Shirts PLEASE!