Monday, 19 March 2012

Not in a spanking mood today...sorry

Just a very quick post that will mean nothing to most of my American readers, but might touch some of my European ones.

I was watching the Spurs-Bolton cup match on Saturday when Fabrice Muamba suddenly collapsed onto the turf. I watched horrified as medics worked to resuscitate him for 15 minutes, and they continued to do so as he was carried from the pitch.

I was convinced that he had died on the field, and I expected the next announcement to be that he had been DOA at the London Hospital. I was incredibly relieved to hear that he was in stable condition, undergoing tests, although he remains critical and fighting for his life in intensive care at the time of writing.

Football, and football fans, gets a lot of bad press, often deservedly so, but it was both heart warming and moving to see all 36000 fans in the stadium unite in supporting Muamba; they applauded and chanted his name as one. If there is a God, and he listens, the massive outpouring of support should ensure the survival of the Bolton player.

So that's it for me, today.

Life and death.

All the best



  1. I've been following his progress and the reactions of football fans and have found this to be a great revival in my faith of the human spirit. Even though I hate football and always will.


  2. Is there any further news on Muamba? Even though its a pity it had to be over something so traumatising, its very nice to see 'opposing' sides finding something to unite over. Kinda like how everyone at a sporting event between two teams from the same country will stand with their hands over their hearts when the national anthem gets played.