Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Celebrity interview - Mike the Dutchman of Real Life Spankings

I hope that you all enjoyed my review of the Dutch based Real Life Spankings, from earlier this week.

As I stated in the review, the site, along with Spanked in Uniform, is run by Mike (referred to by Brushstrokes as the Able Amsterdamian Authoritarian, which seems reasonable to me).

I am always interested in the production of spanking videos, and how paysites are organised/run, so I asked if he would mind answering a few impertinent questions. He very kindly agreed, and here they are!

1. Standard first question; you top in most of the videos on RLS and SIU. Have you ever been spanked? Do you think that one can be a better top if you have experienced the other side of things?

I have never been spanked as an adult and never will be :). The second question is a myth. One learns to be a good spanker through experience and I have been spanking for a long long time.

2. I know very little about you. Tell me a little more. How old are you, and are you married? Do you have a spanking relationship? When did you realise that you were into spanking?

I am 46 and for almost 6 years now I have been happily married to my darling wife Kelly
I got interested in spanking when I was about 7. It is in your DNA. I am convinced of that. With some it is triggered when they are young and with others when they are adults by the internet for example.

3. How did you come to start Real Life Spanking?

It started as a hobby with Kelly and one of her friends Yashaa. It grew very fast

4. I may be being very naive, but do all of these women really approach you for disciplinary spankings?

Most do yes. A few do it for the money

5. Following on from the above; do you pay the women who appear on RLS?

Of course! It is only fair that when we make money from the site, they should earn money as well

6. Do you plan to use any more of the RLS girls on Spanking in Uniform?


7. Do the 2 sites have comparable numbers of members?

Yes pretty much

8. I love that you have both a reality and a fantasy based site; I think that this is unique. How else can you expand?

We are working on a few more series for SIU and I am exploring the possibility of doing more Historical series

9. Do you work with the same production team all of the time? I remember Michael being mentioned as a cameraman at one point early on. How do production duties break down, and is this the same for both sites?

Quite simple really. I do everything except filming. Michael is my best friend for 20 years now and he does the camerawork and my wife films too if Michael can't make a shoot. I edit the films and galleries and I update the websites
People don't realize how much work there is involved. A small part of the business is the actual spanking. I spend 8-10 hours a day behind my computer creating, editting and updating

10. Do you prefer the SIU storyline approach, or the more direct "let's get to the spanking" RLS method?

I love them both although I do enjoy playing the parts in the SIU series especially the headmaster and barking officers :)

11. Are you in awe of any of the professional models who have appeared on SIU?

I love working with the English models. They are all very professional and experienced and they add a whole new dimension to the site.

12. I told Clare Fonda's cameraman that he had the best job in the world. I've decided I was wrong; you have. Any thoughts?

lol In a way I have but like I said before the spanking is a small part of the business. Most time is spent behind the computer. 7 days a week all year round. And then there is the constant fight against the organised online crime called piracy and file sharing

13. I think that all of your clips, at some point, focus on the spankee's face? Are the reactions of the girls important to you?

Our members want to see the faces as well as their bottoms so yes it is important

14. Your earlier clips were shot in a house/flat. Recent ones use an office setting (which I believe from Pandora you use for SIU as well). Is this an attempt to make the clips appear more professional?

Yes because we have a small house and an office gives us more options and better lighting. And we need it for the SIU series

15. I was surprised to find the Sarah Bright clips on RLS; was this a one off, or are there more guest appearances planned?

Sarah came over for a SIU shoot and she wanted to do a RLS video as well so we obliged. She is a lovely lady. More guest appearances are planned yes

16. You manage to run two thriving spanking sites; is this a full time job for you, or do you have other employment?

It has been a full time business for almost 7 years now. We do not make millions. It is hard work but we make a comfortable living at it

So there you have it - Mike's view of the world of spanking (or at least a few details about how his sites work).

I'd like to thank Mike for taking the time to respond to my questions, and, once again, recommend both Real Life Spankings and Spanked in Uniform to you; they're both a lot of fun.

All the best


Photos come, once again, from RLS.

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  1. Anice interview with MIke who has 2 great spanky sites with lovely girls spanked by other girls and himself.,best,TIm.