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Superstar Spanking Interview - David Pierson of Punished Brats

Good morning, and welcome to a new week; the periodic slap in the face that is Monday.

It's a lovely day here back in the old country; clear, dry and very warm for this time of the year. Later on I'm going to cut the back lawn and then take a sun lounger, a beer and my Kindle out, and just laze around.

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First, to business! Or at least the sort of fun that passes for business on this blog. Which, I'm sure you all know, means another spanking-related gem. In this case, another celebrity interview.

I hope you all saw my Punished Brats site review last week; to complement it I now have an interview with one of the co-owners (and a frequent video star) David Pierson.

Please settle back, and enjoy.

1. I don't know a lot about you; could you give me an idea of when you first discovered spanking?

Truthfully, I can’t remember a time it didn’t fascinate me. I’ve been spanking since I was very young. I was always coming up with spanking games. I remember getting into a lot of trouble one time. I was about five or six years of age. I was in our backyard pool swimming with several girls of my age from the neighborhood. I talked them all out of their swimsuits and spanked them. My mother saw this activity from the widow. She sent the girls home and gave me quite a smack.

2. Are you in a serious relationship, and if so, is it a spanking based one?

Well, I’ve been married for many years. She is into spanking very much. However, she is an official with an agency of the US Government and keeps a low profile. I have many spanking friend as well. My wife is a silent partner in Punished Brats. There are times I wish she was more silent.

3. Another personal question; what are your interests outside of the scene? Are you a sports fan?

I have many interests. I love visual arts, music and literature. I think all great art has to do with passion and, or sex. As for sports, I’m a big hockey fan. I like baseball and football too. Mixed Martial arts is terrific in my opinion.

4. You are a masterful top; have you ever been spanked as an adult, and, if so, do you think it helps for a top to have experienced the other side of things?

That depends on what you mean as adult. I’ve been part of the fetish scene since I was eighteen. I used to be in, what was then called, underground films. Yes, it was shot on film. It was all very Andy Warhol. S&M was part of that scene. I was eighteen and looked much younger. The girls liked to spank me, or worse. During one session I was treated to the bite of a bullwhip. I was sort of into pain. Like many, as I grew, my dominant side took over. I think it is helpful to have had the experience of being on the bottom. I know what it feels like.

5. I'm not generally a big fan of male tops, but I find your fairly laid back style, without a stream of abuse or clich├ęd platitudes aimed at the spankee, quite effective; how did this evolve?

Well, glad you asked that one. When I first started in the scene you didn’t just proclaim yourself a top. You had to earn that appellation. There is more to being a top than being proficient in inflicting pain. I learned that internal control is as important. Some of what you see now in my work with Punished Brats evolved as I learned how to be on camera. I find that less is often more as far as words go.

6. How did Punished Brats come about?

PunishedBrats is a labor of love. I had been writing for SPREVIEW since 2001. I had always wanted to shoot videos that were based on my fantasies. My brother, Rick, was also into spanking. He was a professional videographer and photographer. He taught this art at a local University. We decided to shoot a series of videos with a very cute blonde girl who contacted me to see if I knew of anyone looking for a spanking model.

On July 2, 2005 we shot several video featuring Amber Pixie wells. Pixie was amazing. She, Rick and I all got on very well. We learned that Pixie was a girl of many talents. She is an accomplished webmaster. So we teamed up. My brother died last June after living with cancer for ten years.

7. How does the average shoot work? Where do the ideas come from. and how much scripting is involved?

We used to do very large shoots. We’d have three bottoms and two tops on set. We shot an average of twelve scenes. Pixie was always one of the bottoms. For me the role play is everything. I need a reason to spank.

We now have moved to smaller shoots. One theme for five or six scenes.

Where do our ideas came from? Good question there. Some ideas come from real life situations and spanking is added to the story. One of my things is the spanking of over-privileged girls. I am often spanking Paris or Nikki Hilton. Rick and Pixie would often say of my contributions, “ Oh no, not another rich girl scene!” . Recently, Pixie came up with an idea that became ‘Audrey’s True confessions’. She found a magazine article in which girls talked about the bad thing they’ve done. As I said before, just add spanking.

8. What equipment do you use for shooting? Are the clips usually done in one shot, with multiple cameras?

Yes, we try to keep the cameras rolling once the spanking starts. Sometimes you need to stop for a few seconds to adjust the cameras. Girls often kick and flail about. We shoot with three cameras.

9. Going back a few years there were suggestions on some forums that the spankings on Punished Brats were too mild. I always thought they were moderately severe, but, most importantly, they were of a sane level. Any thoughts on this?

When we first started I think we went a bit overboard with the severity of the punishments. That may have had to do with the fact that we were mostly shooting Pixie who has a pain tolerance second to none. Over time, we decided that the punishments should not exceed the level of the crime. For those who think we are mild, I will refer them to a few of our recent productions. Pi took five hard spankings in ‘A Daughter’s Discipline Series’. We just debuted a new series entitled ‘Prep School Brat’ with a lovely girl named Tara. She cried through each scene. I could go on but….

10. One of my favourite things about Punished Brats is the amount of humour often displayed in the videos; where does this come from?

I just think the material lends itself to humor. Rick was naturally funny and Pixie has a flair for whimsy.

11. How much are the actual shoots tailored to the models involved; for example a lot of Juliet Valentina's films use humour. Is this intentional?

We actually hire according to the requirements of the material we plan to shoot. In Juliet’s case, she is a professional actress with amazing range and talent. We used that.

12. Further to the above; I miss Juliet. Any chance of her shooting with you again?

I honestly don’t know. Juliet’s acting career has taken off. She has been on Broadway for much of this year and has toured with travelling shows. She has an amazing voice.

13. Is there anything you've been unable to do on PB that you would have liked to?

I suppose, due to my brother’s illness we’ve not been able to shoot on location. In the near future we will do a special production.

14. You seem to find a regular stream of new Brats; where do they all come from?

Truthfully, they find us. I have more applicants then I have openings. I pick the girls based upon their appropriateness for the material that we plan to shoot, and a phone interview.

15. Some sites are showing an increased tendency to long multi-part storylines; any thoughts about doing that on PB?

We’ve been doing that for several months now. We’ve stopped doing our larger shoots in favor of shooting a series of videos with a single storyline.

16. How important is it for your spanking models to be competent actresses?

What we need is for our brats to be comfortable and natural on camera. I am amazed at the talent of the girls who have worked for us over the years.

17. I may be wrong but I think you were the first man to spank Sarah Gregory in a video; how did that come about?

You many not know this, but Sarah started her career with us. She had next to no pain tolerance either. Over the years she came a long way. She wanted to expand her horizons and work with male tops. Because of our friendship, she wanted me to be the first. It is one of my favorite scenes

18. One of my regular questions; I've found people in the spanking scene to be unusually polite and intelligent. Any thoughts?

I agree. I find that those in the spanking scene to be highly educated and well behaved. Over 90% of the brats are college graduates.

19. I have a stock, although kind of pretentious question to finish with. In a book I was reading recently the following statement appeared:-

"No one should ever impose their own perceptions of fulfillment on anyone else" How do you think this applies to the spanking scene?

Some do not understand what it is we do. For people in my circle, it is a way of being. I should say that I do not apologize for living as I do. If people don’t like it, too bad.

On which note we end things for this post; very many thanks to David for his time, patience and generosity.

I'll be back with a review of a UK based website later in the week, and that will also be followed up by a very interesting interview with one of it's proprietors and stars.

All the best


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  1. Great interview !!! I miss Juliet too ! She is the best actress i have ever seen ! The way she plays the diva and the brat mentality is impressive ! I hope she comes back to Punished Brats one day !