Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Mischa - The Pout

So, feeling more cheerful today, so let us resume (more or less) normal service, and get on with some of that damned spanking stuff!

Firstly, to avoid any confusion, this post is not about the guy who plays Castiel in the excellent Supernatural (that's Misha Collins, and I have no reason to believe that he's into spanking at all).

Now, I know that it's wrong to reduce a person to their one primary physical characteristic (I'd hate to be known to all and sundry as "Monster Dick"), but in Mischa's case the pout she has whenever she is spanked just stands out.

She's an extremely cute girl, and Punished Brats are lucky to have her; I believe that she has, to date, only shot with them. She has a delightfully round bottom, and a mischievous personality. She wriggles wonderfully.

Oh yes, and she pouts.

Please see exhibit one; the photos here from Punished Brats.

Can you imagine anything more adorable. And spankable?

Ah, be still my quivering member; ah, sorry, that should read "beating heart". Oops.

Anyway, plans in the near future; there will be a site review either tomorrow or Friday, and another around the middle of next week. There should also be a couple of interviews with people connected with the two sites, provided I get off my arse and sort out some appropriate questions.

Which I will work on now.

Anyhoo, toodle pip and jolly hockey sticks; till me meet again my little chums.

All the best


Oh I know; don't keep going on at me! Not all of these pictures actually show Mischa pouting, but she's just so adorable that I couldn't resist throwing up a few extras.

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