Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Website Review - Punished Brats

Ah, good day, come in, come in, may I take your coats? I'm feeling a bit chilly and I'm sure you'll never miss them. No? You'd rather hang on to them? Selfish bastards!

So then, to the grandaddy of spanking paysites; the US based Punished Brats.

It's difficult to find much new to say about such a well respected site, but let's begin with the basics, shall we? Damn fine idea, old man. Let's!

The site has been around since June 2006, and I believe it is a joint venture between David Pierson, and Amber Pixie Wells. It features a mixture of M/F and F/F clips, and has used a vast array of US spanking stars during it's time with us.

Membership costs an incredibly reasonable £11.28 (US$17) per month, billed on a recurring basis. There are also slightly more expensive non-recurring options available. Payment is via CCBill, so cancellation is as easy as signing up.

The site is updated 3 times each week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and each clip is usually split into 2 uploads. In addition on Saturday(ish) there is Pixie's Previews to look forward to, which has photos from recent shoots, and, once a month, a preview video.

The site is very well organised, and easy to navigate. There is a single page with recent videos linked in, and then there are the archives; these are arranged by model, month and top.

The model and top pages list each film the person in question appears in, along with a link directly to it. This is a very comprehensive feature, which other sites would do well to adopt.

The month page has a chronological list of the months backwards from the current one to the first month of operation; clicking on the month takes you to a list of that month's uploads, which are again linked to the relevant videos.

There is a film page for each clip, which has the download options and a selection of stills from the shoot; clicking on a shot takes you to a full page image, which can be downloaded. The pictures are clear, crisp and well chosen.

The videos can be downloaded either as individual clips (generally 3 to a film) or as one long film, depending on your system's speed. Most full clips are between 70 and 130 meg long and download times are extremely good.

The films are in a variety of formats, and these do lack a little consistency; currently most clips are offered as Real Media (at 1500 kbps) and Windows Media (at both 1500 and 2500 kbps). Some are also available in the smaller MP4 format.

Historically the earliest films were offered as either Windows or Real Media, at (I think) 768 kbps. This has changed as standards have improved over the years. Some of the older clips have been restored, and await the real Media option. Personally I prefer Windows anyway.

Some of the very oldest films do not have the option to download in one go, leaving you with up to 6 files per clip, but this is only the case with a handful of videos. Don't let it deter you though; some fine films are only available in this way.

The improvement in picture quality over time is obvious, but the films are never less than watchable, and the newer ones are extremely well produced, with very fine picture quality and clear sound.

I can't swear to the exact number but there seems to be in excess of 600 films to download, each lasting for between 5 and 10 minutes.

So then, onto the models; the site features a nice assortment of well-known spankees and some I've never seen elsewhere. They are led off, of course, by the irrepressible Pixie; she appears in around 100 films presently on the site as a bottom (and a few as a top).

I have to say that I've been a member of this site more than any other, to such an extent that I find it hard in some cases to remember if a model is well known for appearing on multiple sites, or just well known to me through many videos here.

The following models appear here, and have definitely shot for other producers too; Pixie, lily Anna, Beverley Bacci, Sarah Gregory, Lavender Rayne, Charlie Skye, Chloe Elise, Ten Amorette, Sierra Salem, Leia-Ann Woods, Lilly Page and Clare Fonda. At least I think that I'm definite; uh, someone tell me if I've gotten any of those wrong. Please!

Unique to the site (unless I'm wrong - again) are, amongst others, Juliet Valentina, Samantha Grace, Mischa, Tina Tink, Pi, Lorraine, Amanda Rose and a host of others.

All of the models used are attractive, although with differing body types, so there is something for everyone (unless you like the real extremes).

I'd guess the site is split more or less fifty fifty between M/F and F/F spankings; David himself is the chief male spanker, and he is an understated but authoritative top. There are several other men involved, including Richard Windsor, Michael Diamond, Rad Finch and Paul Wilson. Surprisingly I do not find any of them objectionable (and, as you know, I don't much like male tops, probably because I tend to be jealous of them).

The main female spanker is Veronica Bound, although she is ably supported by Susan (who I like a lot) and several others, such as Clare Fonda, Chelsea Pfeiffer and Veronica Daniels (a personal favourite of mine). A number of the spankees also switch roles, most notable Beverley Bacci (who is splendid), Pixie and Lily Anna. Even Juliet gets in on the act!

What do I think about the films themselves? Well, I keep coming back, so obviously I'm a fan. They are varied and imaginative. A surprisingly large number feature humourous elements, and there are clips that could be described as science fiction, fantasy, horror, melodrama and crime.

You will also find the usual parental and school spankings, although these often have their own twists too.

There are a number of films here that I keep coming back to; examples are Ninja Student, Chatty Juliet, Friends to the End, Naughty or Nice, Faulty Fairytales, The Politics of Spanking and First Time Spanker. I could easily have tripled the size of this list without running out of favourites.

The vast majority of spankings begin over clothes, moving to underwear and then bare bottoms. A variety of positions are utilised, although there are a lot of OTK ones (Hurray!). All of the ususal implements feature at some stage, although the hand is generally favoured.

One thing I like a lot is that, in most clips, only 1 implement is used. I find this to be more realistic, and less forced. Unless there is a clearly presented reason for the change I find switching instruments to be very artificial.

How harsh are the spankings? A few years ago there seemed to be a view that Punished Brats had fairly mild spankings, which I don't think was ever really the case. The punishments are set at a sane level; they are comprehensive, resulting in well-reddened bottoms, and the occasional tears. They are not attempts to see how much pain a given model can take.

All of which brings us to a positive conclusion; would I recommend this site to you? Of course I would, although, if you've been around the scene for any length of time and consider subscribing to a spanking site a good way of spending your hard earned money then you've probably been a member already.

If not, then the low cost and the vast number of splendid films makes it one to try.

Do I have any gripes about the site, or is it perfect in every way? No site can be perfect, but my issues with Punished Brats are fairly minor. Some of the acting is a bit sub-parr (Charlie Sky is gorgeously spankable but not the best actress around), I think that Veronica is a little over-used as a top (I find her a bit cold and unsympathetic in the clips, which is odd as she seems very different in the Pixie's Previews outtakes) and there seems to be less humour in recent months than previously.

All of these amount to nitpicking though; I am a huge fan of this site, and it's worth joining for Juliet Valentina's videos alone (yes, I am crushing on her, whether with blonde or black hair)!

That's it for now.

All the best


All photos are, of course, courtesy of Punished Brats; this review was made possible by David's generosity in allowing me access to the site.

I'll have a review of a UK based site next week, and there is lots more to come.


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