Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Story time; are you sitting comfortably?

Well, if you are then you haven't been spanked sufficiently, have you?

Anyway, the title of this just came to me, and I was too amused by it not to write a short little story to go with it. It's not profound but hopefully it will manage to amuse you.

Ladies and gentleman, Tim the Tum's A Spanking Good Time are proud to present a brand new tale for your delight. Take it away, Wally!

Teeny Tiny Chilly Toes of Terror

On Winter nights in our old creaky house the cold infested the floorboards like a living thing, hungry to nip at any exposed flesh, leaving rosy red bite marks at every opportunity.

I crept into our bedroom, the balls of my feet aching with each frosty contact with the floor; carpet would have been a fine idea but we bought the house fully equiped with varnished floors throughout, and they did look beautiful.

I slid past the end of the bed, a cat burgular in my own house.

I lifted one foot away from the ice flow beneath it, a little too quickly. I swayed to the side, and bumped gently against the bed. My breath trapped tight in my chest, I looked towards the small lump beneath the covers, to see if there were any movement.

My wife slept on, undisturbed.

I sagged a bit as my breath hissed its way to freedom.

My tiptoe mission continued, as I rounded the corner of the bed, and treked along my side of it.

Gently pulling back the covers I slipped beneath the massively togged duvee, and pulled it up around my shoulders. I wriggled down into its happy embrace, facing towards the edge of the bed.

My head disappeared into the uppermost of the three feather filled pillows that I insisted on, and I sighed in satisfaction. Mission safely accomplished; cosy in bed without waking Janet. A bit proud of myself, as she is a very light sleeper, I felt the first strands of slumber creep into the corners of my mind.

The room was quiet, save for the small lilting breaths of my love; the thick curtains shut out every speck of dancing light.

I dived deeper into the beckoning arms of sleep; she can be a fickle bitch but I love her madly.

I began to drift towards the magical fantasy land of dreams.

It was though I had missed a step; I jolted, and shivered! Lifting my head slightly I shook it, and listened to find what had disturbed me.

I could hear nothing unusual, but the skin crawled across the small of my back, as though some terror were waiting to pounce on my naked form.

I listened for a moment more; still nothing. My brow a little wrinkled by confusion I dropped my head back down into the downy swamp of the bed, and tried to shake off the feeling of discomfort that lingered.

Sleep and I are comfortable lovers; very quickly I began to wind my way down into her embrace.

An electric shock raced through me! Ice had rammed against the bare base of my spine!

My body spasmed, and I bent nearly double as the middle of my back tried to pass my head and feet, which still drowsed on. The horrible cold followed it's every movement.

I lost control of my frame; my head tried to turn, to find the source of the assault, whilst my back rushed to escape, and my feet, still chilled themselves, remained frozen to the mattress.

All of this combined to prompt a salmon-like leap, twisting and oddly elegant. I went up, and across. And, inevitably, off the edge of the bed.

My bottom thumped to the icy floor, and my head bumped against the bed side table, sending my alarm clock crashing to join me.

I shook my head, slightly stunned. The lamp on Janet's side of the bed clicked into life.

A peal of delighted laughter floated down over me from the heights of the bed; looking up I saw my wife's head peeping over its side.

Her mouth was stretched wide with glee, and she rocked backwards and forwards as she spluttered her uncontrollable mirth.

“Gotcha!” she gurgled, her auburn hair bouncing with delighted satisfaction.

“What the flecking hell was that?” I exploded, as I dragged myself to my feet.

She raised her right foot in the air, and wriggled her toes at me. Her silky nightdress slid smoothly down her thigh.

“My toes are a bit chilly tonight, love. And your back is so warm.”

“And so me...”

“Wasn't a kick; I just prodded you with my toes.”

I felt a stiffening in my groin, as I stepped to the edge of the bed, and gripped Janet's wrist.

“I can't help your toes petal, but I'm certainly going to make sure that part of you is well warmed.”

“No, hold on Tim. It was just a joke! I'm sorry, honestly.”

I nodded, accepting her apology. My plans had not changed however.

“C'mere; you've earned this.”

Sitting on the edge of the bed I hauled her around, so that she fell over my lap. The silk nightdress, a gentle shade of purple, provided an appealing cover for the raised mound of her bottom as she lay there.

Janet knew what she had done wrong, so there was no point in delaying or lecturing; I raised my right hand, splayed my fingers slightly, and smacked it down against the centre of my target.

I was rewarded with a satisfying cry of “Ah! No! Tim!”, and a shudder went through her body.

It took very little time to lift my hand again, this time spanking down onto Janet's right buttock. And, so as to show no favouritism, I quickly slapped the left one too.

Each blow flattened the slippery material against her flesh, making a crisp cracking noise. The shock of each impact rushed back up my arm.

Smiling I delivered another trinity of blows, and felt Janet wriggle against my groin; my dick was stiff against her side.

Still, no time to dwell on my arousal; I reached down and hauled up the skirt.

The delicious hills of her buttocks revealed themselves to me, flesh already growing pink from the punishment that they had received.

I began a furious round of spanks; my targets shivered as they received repeated smacks in quick succession.

By this time Janet was gasping, or crying out, at each slap; she was generating a wall of near constant noise as I spanked furiously away. Under my rapidly flailing palm her bottom had assumed a deep red sunset glow.

When I heard the first sob I knew that I had spanked her sufficiently. My hand dropped to her throbbing behind one last time, but instead of whacking into her I began to rub the wounded globes.

My hand moved in circles across red flesh, soothing where earlier it had punished.

My penis prodded my slightly overhanging stomach as I tilted a little further forwards.

“My toes weren't cold enough to deserve that.” Janet pipped up.

“Well, cold toes, cold floor under my arse when I fell out of bed, a bump on my head, and your unsympathetic laughter add up to a good spanking in my book.”

“Maybe. I really am sorry though. My feet were cold!”

“What about your hot water bottle?”

“Oh, that's much to hot to touch. Your back was just right.”

Fleetingly I thought about the benefits of a further spanking.

Janet must have sensed my thoughts; she pushed herself up, and off my lap. She stood, hands on hips and regarded me thoughtfully.

“I can think of one way to warm us both up.” she said, and reached for my dick.

I hope you liked that one; I'm out of here.

All the best


Oh, photos come from Real Life Spankings, mainly because Mike looks a little like me, only with more hair on his head and less on his chin. Plus I don't wear glasses.

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  1. Janet obviously needs bedsocks. And TIm needs a helmet. A thick fluffy rug for the floor might not be a bad idea, either. Great little story, Tim.